Gloss on words in the passage 'Once or twice a minute all summer' -- Harry Potter Mainland Chinese translation.

Āiyā 'oh' 'oh, Percy'
珀西, Pòxī 'Percy'
'you' 'so you are a Prefect!'
原来 yuánlái 'originally, it turns out that...' Used to express a realisation of facts or background information that the speaker did not know before
shì 'to be'
zhǎng 'class captain' = 'prefect'
ya exclamatory particle
'Oh Percy, so you are a Prefect!'
孪生 luánshēng 'twin' One of the twin brothers
兄弟 xiōngdì 'brothers'
-zhōng 'among'
de connecting particle
一个 yíge 'one + classifier' (classifier ge used for people)
yòng 'use, adopt; with' with a very surprised expression
非常 fēicháng 'very'
吃惊的 chījīng 'be surprised'
de connecting particle
口吻 kǒuwěn 'expression'
shuō 'to say' says
says one of the twins with a very surprised expression.
'you' 'you should have told us earlier'
zǎo 'early, earlier'
gài 'should'
告诉 gàosu 'to tell'
我们 wǒmen 'us'
'I' 'I didn't know at all'
一点都 yìdiǎn dōu 'at all'
知道 zhīdào 'to know'
ne sentence-ending particle
'You should have told us earlier. I didn't know at all.'
慢着 màn-zhe 'slowly; just a minute' 'just a minute'
'I' 'I think'
xiǎng 'to think'
'I' 'I remember'
记得 jìde 'to remember'
'he' 'he mentioned (it)'
说过 shuō-guo 'to have said'. guo is a verb-ending (or particle) that indicates occurrence in the past.
孪生 luánshēng 'twins' the other of the twin brothers
兄弟 xiōngdì- 'brothers'
zhōng 'amongst'
de connecting particle
另外 lìngwài 'other'
一个 yíge 'one + classifier' (classifier ge used for people)
shuō 'to say' says
说过 shuō-guo 'to have said'. guo is a verb-ending (or particle) that indicates occurrence in the past. '(he) mentioned (it) one time'
一次 yícì 'one time'
'Just a minute, I think I remember him mentioning it once'
说不定 shuōbudìng 'maybe' (literally, 'not say with certainty') 'maybe twice'
shì 'to be/is'
两次 liǎngcì 'two times'
'Maybe twice'
děng to wait' 'wait a minute'
一会儿 yìhuǐr 'a moment' or 'a while'
'Wait a minute'
说了 shuō le 'said' 'mentioned (it) all summer'
整整 zhěngzhěng 'entire'
一个 yíge 'one' + classifier ( ge is a very general and versatile classifier)
夏天 xiàtian 'summer'
ne sentence-ending particle
'He mentioned it all summer'
哎呀 āiyā   'oh, shutup'
住嘴 zhù zuǐ  
级长珀西 Jízhǎng Pòxī   Prefect Percy says
'Oh shutup' says Percy Prefect

For the most part, Chinese word-for-word glosses make sense in English. The particle de has been indicated as a 'connecting particle'. It is often used to indicate that a noun is modified by what goes before.

Another problem is sentence-ending particles, which have a force that cannot always be adequately conveyed in English.