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Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

This is a brief photographic record of a visit to the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival on the last Sunday in May, 2003.

Goomeri is a small town (population approx. 500) in the South Burnett area of Queensland, Australia. Although it lies just inland of the Sunshine Coast and not much more than 200 km from the State capital of Brisbane, this is definitely the Bush.

There is no abrubt transition, but coming from the Sunshine Coast, the contrast is dramatic. The Sunshine Coast is a closely settled, well-kempt area that is gradually becoming an outer Brisbane suburb. The scenery is green, pretty and compact, with hills, creeks, and crops of sugar cane and pineapples. The South Burnett is sparsely settled and more pastoral than agricultural. The scenery is grassy open forest, the predominant colour being the yellow and brown of the grasses and the dull green of the eucalypts.

Without further comment, I offer the pageant of the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival as seen through the lens of my digital camera.

1. Getting There -- Historic Steam Train

2. Accommodation -- Goomeri Grand Hotel

3. The Grand Parade

4. The Town of Goomeri During the Festival

5. The Great Pumpkin Roll

6. The Pumpkin Competion and Quilt Competition

7. The Clydesdale Competition

8. The Sheep Dog Demonstration

9. Uncle Bob's Jug Band

10. Scenery between Theebine to Goomeri (There and Back)


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