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Qizi Bay: Mr Huang and his Seafood Restaurant


When we went out in the evening to look for a fresh-seafood restaurant, we found there were only two in town. Luckily we settled on the second one, on the top of a building overlooking the port. Mr Huang is the only certified guide for Qizi Bay. At his urging, we decided to give Qizi Bay another chance the next day.

As to the flavour of Mr Huang's seafood, I really can't say. Crabs, prawns and other fresh seafood were all off the menu -- the fleet had not been out of port due to strong winds! It is comforting to know that the seafood here is really fresh, but it was of limited consolation.

The sign for Mr Huang's restaurant (Golden Dragon Seafood Restaurant, phone (0898) 2677 1567), and its rooftop setting.
Restaurant sign in the street
View of rooftop area
Looking towards port across rooftop
The inside of the restaurant is simple but clean. Mr Huang's son sits watching children's songs on the VCD.
Inside the restaurant
My travelling companion, Chao Zhong-xin, sits waiting to enjoy a cold beer and some fish balls.
Lao Chao, fishballs, and beer


Our restaurateur and guide, Mr Huang.
Mr Huang


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