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Geographical location of Laohekou Sauce & Vinegar Culture Museum (湖北老河口酱醋文化博物馆)

32.3583 111.6874

China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan

Middle Yangtze (1000 km)

middle yangtze 1000 km

Northern Hubei (65 km)

Laohekou 65km

Laohekou Development Zone (1330 m) -- Location cannot be pinpointed and is likely to be out by hundreds of metres.

Laohekou 1300 m

100 or 200 metres south of Qianwang Automotive Centre, Chengdong Road, Development Zone, Laohekou, Hubei, China

湖北襄阳老河口城东开发区旺前汽车城南100米 or