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Geographical location of Shanxi Vinegar Culture Museum (山西醋文化博物馆)

37.6041 112.3477

China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan

North China (1000 km)

North China 1000 km

Taiyuan (65 km) -- Shanxi Vinegar Museum is next to the label "Qingxu"

Taiyuan 65km

Donghu (1300 m)

Donghu and vinegar museum 1300 m

7th floor, 21 Central Wenyuan Road, Qingxu county, Shanxi province, China


It is possible that the museum is now located at the Baoyuan Old Vinegar Factory. The address is Qingxu County, Yangfang North Road (太原市清徐县杨房北路). The location shown below is not definitive.

Baoyuan 1300 m