'Tuan' and 'Xun': faux amis in Chinese and Vietnamese

The Vietnamese word tuần provides an excellent example of the pitfalls of cognate expressions in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese, which are often 'false friends'. The Vietnamese term tuần báo refers to a weekly publication, whereas the cognate term 旬報 / 旬报 xúnbào in Chinese refers to a publication appearing every ten days.

Both my Chinese-Vietnamese dictionaries incorrectly give tuần báo as the Vietnamese translation of 旬報 / 旬报 xúnbào.

Fortunately, my Vietnamese-Chinese dictionaries correctly give 週報 / 周报 zhōubào or 週刊 / 周刊 zhōukān as the Chinese translation of tuần báo.

For the names of the dictionaries, see the Bibliography of References