Table of Contents (Chapter Titles)

The following is the table of contents of Harry Potter and the Porcelain Doll, showing the 20 chapter titles (English translation below).

1. A Mysterious Letter
2. The Talkative Red Balloon
3. Kabadongqi, the Chameleon Ghost
4. The Chinese Acrobatic Troupe
5. Danger at Sea
6. Taoqi Pao (Mischievous Bubble) Acknowledges His Master
7. Sirius's Letter
8. The Magical Rainflower Stone
9. Long-Long's Great Battle With Taoqi Pao
10. The Encounter with Da Mao Ding
11. Taking the Porcelain Doll
12. Unexpected News From Didian the Elf
13. Night of the Full Moon
14. Eastern Wizard
15. The Magical Potion
16. The Little Princess of Magic
17. The Undying Kabadongqi
18. Falling into a Trap
19. The Final Showdown
20. Home
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