The Story

Straight after the publication details there is a synopsis of the story of Harry Potter and the Porcelain Doll. The following is the synopsis in Chinese, with a rough English translation.

Harry is highly worried to learn that Voldemort is going to China to find his Oriental nemesis, Yan Dao Mo, in order to counter him and threaten the entire Western magic world. Harry decides to go to China to look for the Chinese porcelain doll that can subdue Yan Dao Mo. On the ship out at sea, Harry meets Long-Long and Xing-Xing of the Chinese acrobatic troupe and they become good friends.

The ship arrives in China. As the troupe tours around, Harry, Long-Long, and Xing-Xing stay together. At this time, You Know Who stealthily appears outside the troupe. It turns out that Taiqi Pao, who always bullies Xing-Xing in the troupe, is Harry's Oriental nemesis Yan Dao Mo. Voldemort has killed Taoqi Pao's mother Da Bocai (Big Spinach) and taken Taoqi Pao as his student to master the Dark Arts, turning Taoqi Pao into Yan Dao Mo.

Harry is overjoyed to learn that Long-Long is the Eastern Prodigy 'Dragon Champion' and Xing-Xing is the Eastern princess 'Sandalwood Star'. With the assistance of Long-Long and Xing-Xing, Harry breaks through many difficulties to find the porcelain doll, from which he learns the origins of Yan Dao Mo. Yan Dao Mo is in fact Yan Mo Guai, who was defeated 1,000 years ago by the Little Eastern Angel. The porcelain doll is the Little Angel herself, on whom Yan Mo Guai had placed a curse.

Harry, Long-Long, and Xing-Xing release the porcelain doll from the curse on a full-moon night, thwarting You Know Who's plot. Soon after, a huge magic battle takes place on top of Mount Tai...

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