Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation

Names of Shops: Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley


Borgin & Burkes


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Chinese (Mainland) 博金—博克
Bójīn -- Bókè
博金 Bójīn = 'Borgin'.
博克 Bókè = 'Burkes'.
Borgin - Burkes
Chinese (Taiwan) 波金與伯克斯
Bōjīn Bókèsī
波金 Bōjīn = 'Borgin'.
= 'and'.
伯克斯 Bókèsī = 'Burkes'.
Borgin and Burkes
Japanese ボージン・アンド・バークス
Bōjin ando Bākusu
ボージン Bōjin = 'Borgin'.
アンド ando = 'and' (English).
バークス Bākusu = 'Burkes'.
Borgin and Burkes
Vietnamese tiệm Borgin & Burkes tiệm = 'shop'.
Borgin & Burkes (according to footnote, pronounced Bo-gin và Bớc-cơ)
Borgin & Burkes shop

A shady establishment on Knockturn Alley, named after the owners. They sell antiques and second-hand magical goods.

There is some disagreement over the pronunciation of 'Borgin'.

  • The Japanese translator interprets 'Borgin' as 'Borjin',
  • Vietnamese uses 'Borgin' (hard 'g').
  • Chinese has no choice because the sound 'gin' (hard 'g') doesn't exist in standard Mandarin -- although it is found in some Chinese dialects. The only sound available is 'j'.
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