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Qizi Bay: The Beach and Zhixuan Brook


The start (or end) of any trip to Qizi Bay is this beautiful beach, extending as far as the eye can see. This area is completely uninhabitated. Up behind the beach is a brook known as Zhixuan Brook (治癣溪 Zhì-xuǎn-xī) or 'Tinea Healing Brook', whose only outlet to the sea is a gash across the beach. One can only wonder at the naming, which reveals a very practical view of the bounty and beauty of nature. This area was formerly off limits to visitors as a People's Liberation Army practice range.

The beach stretches away to the north
View up the beach


A view up the beach from the first rocks of Dajiao (Large Point).
View of beach from Dajiao


Looking up the beach over the remains of the PLA firing practice range through the early morning haze. Zhixuan Brook can be seen in midground.
View over abandoned PLA camp



Zhixuan Brook where it enters the sea across the beach.
zhixian brook flows across the beach


Looking from the beach back towards Zhixuan Brook.
View of Zhixian Brook looking upstream


Further up the Zhixuan Brook as it winds its way down towards the beach.
Zhixian brook flowing through the trees

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