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Qizi Bay: Scenery at Dajiao (1)


Coming up from the beach, a picturesque rocky scene meets the eyes. This is the start of Dajiao (大角 Dàjiǎo) or 'Large Point'. The photos below introduce some of the beauty and grandeur of Dajiao. (Note: These photos are a mixture of shots taken on the afternoon of one day and the morning of the next.)


The beginning looks peaceful and picturesque (afternoon).

The rocks at the start of Dajiao


A view backwards over the seething waters (next morning).
Waves washing over the rocks


With the tide in, a beach of chess stones (far left).
View of cove with chess stone beach


Sail Rock (船帆石 Chuánfān-shí) is one of the scenic points of Dajiao.
View of Sail Rock lashed by waves
A fishing boat makes its way along the coast under heavy wind.


On top of the cliff, a cairn of stones built by the Japanese during the war.
Japanese cairn

Next we come to the shrine to Guanyin (观音 Guānyīn). Many fisherman of Hainan turn to the Boddhisattva Guanyin (Avalokitesvara) to protect themselves from the whims of the deep. Several rocks at the top of the cliff were said to resemble Guanyin, and a small shrine had been built to worship the goddess. A second shrine was found further down.

Both these rocks are said to resemble Guanyin. Only the one on the right really looks like a human face, but I find it hard to connect with any depiction of Guanyin I've ever seen...

Guanyin look-alike


Monkey-looking rock on top of hill


This is a small altar directly below the rocks shown above.
Altar for worshipping Guanyin
A further altar at the base of the hill.
Another altar to Guanyin

There's more to Dajiao yet!

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