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Qizi Bay: Scenery at Dajiao (2)


When the Japanese occupied Hainan during World War II, they were very concerned to gain access to iron ore deposits in western Hainan (near Shilu). Initially they considered building a loading jetty here at Dajiao and actually started construction work. Eventually, they decided that the waves were too fierce at Qizi Bay and built their port further south at Basuo. Shilu was linked to Basuo and then to Sanya by a railway line, the only line in Hainan. Needless to say, the labour for this back-breaking work was supplied by locals, who were dragooned to work under brutal conditions.

Looking back towards the shrine to Guanyin (located on the large cliff in the background), we see two rubbly areas (one in the foreground, the other in the small inlet this side of the far cliff), a legacy of Japanese wartime efforts to build a jetty to ship out iron ore.
View back towards Guanyin shrine


This point is one of the most beautiful and impressive of Dajiao.
View of point
Clambering over the rocks to get there.
Lao Chao walking across rocks


From the top, we look down on this charming inlet, known as 'Thousand Wave Inlet' (千浪洞 Qiānlàng-dòng).
View of a cove


Zhongjiao beckons in the distance, but there are a few more rocks to cover yet!
View looking towards Zhongjiao and Xiaojiao


Our final shot: another cliff demolished by the Japanese during World War II as part of attempts to build loading facilities.
Cliff with debris

From here, we move on to Zhongjiao.

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