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Qizi Bay: Zhongjiao


Zhongjiao (中角 Zhōngjiǎo) or 'Middle Point' is a lull between Dajiao and Xiaojiao, an area of sand punctuated by rocky outcrops. The beach was once covered in pebbles, but most of them have been carried away (see Qizi). Zhongjiao only has a couple of 'scenic points'.

This is a view looking down Zhongjiao towards the south.
A view across rocky shoals and a narrow beach


The first scenic point of Zhongjiao is the natural sandy slide (滑沙场 Huáshā-chǎng). Sliding down here is said to be a very satisfying experience.
A steep sandy slope


Looking across Zhongjiao towards Dajiao and its lighthouse, some qizi stones in the foreground.
A view back towards Dajiao

It's about here we stopped for lunch and encountered both the good (local kids were full of fun) and bad (people carrying away pebbles by the bucketload).

The other main scenic spot of Zhongjiao is this rock, known as Looking Out for Husband Beach (盼郎滩 Pànláng-tān) due to its resemblance to a wife gazing out to see in the hope that her husband will come back to port.
The same rock from a different angle
The rocks look much clearer from this direction
The rocks are also know as 'Zhubajie carries his wife on his back' (猪八戒背媳妇 Zhūbājiè bèi xífù). Zhubajie is the piggy character in Journey to the West.


A view from Xiaojiao back across Zhongjiao, with Dajiao in the far distance.
A view across Zhongjiao, towards Dajiao

Next stop: Xiaojiao!

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