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Made is a particle that follows nouns. It means 'until, up unto, as far as'. The modern practice (by 'modern', we mean post-war) is to write made in hiragana as まで. In most cases this is how it is written, as can be seen in the following signs:

Mainichi yoru 12ji made eigyō itashimasu
Open till 12 every night.

Yūshō made majikku jū-ichi
Magic 11 (days) until victory

Before World War II, however, it was quite common for made to be written with the Chinese character 迄. This character is not included in the Joyo Kanji but is still quite frequently encountered, as in the following sign:

Ima made ijō ni ATM de no o-hikidashi ga benri ni narimashita!!
Eigyō jikan asa 10ji yori yoru 12ji made

Withdrawing from an ATM is more convenient than ever!!!
Opening hours from 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 at night.

A Google search of the Internet in September 2003 revealed the following distribution:

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