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Made is a particle that follows nouns. It means 'until, up unto, as far as'. The modern practice (by 'modern', we mean post-war) is to write made in hiragana as . In most cases this is how it is written, as can be seen in the following signs:

Mainichi yoru 12ji made eigyō itashimasu
Open till 12 every night.

Yūshō made majikku jū-ichi
Magic 11 (days) until victory

Before World War II, however, it was quite common for made to be written with the Chinese character . This character is not included in the Joyo Kanji but is still quite frequently encountered, as in the following sign:

Ima made ijō ni ATM de no o-hikidashi ga benri ni narimashita!!
Eigyō jikan asa 10ji yori yoru 12ji made

Withdrawing from an ATM is more convenient than ever before!!!
Opening hours from 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 at night.

A Google search of the Internet in September 2003 revealed the following distribution:

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