Achievements in Charming

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Mózhòu chéngjiù
魔咒 mózhòu = 'magic incantation, curse'.
成就 chéngjiù = 'achievement, accomplishment, attainment'.
Magic incantation accomplishments
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Fúzhòu-xué jìnéng yǎngchéng
符咒 fúzhòu = '(Daoist/Taoist) magic figures & incantations'.
xué = 'study, -ology'.
技能 jìnéng = 'technical ability, mastery of technique, skill'.
養成 yǎngchéng = 'training, cultivation, development'.
Technical cultivation in the study of charms and spells
Jumon-gaku mondai-shū
呪文学 jumon-gaku = 'study of spells/curses'.
問題 mondai = 'question, problem'.
-shū = 'collection'.
Collection of problems in the study of spells
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Những Thành Tựu Trong Bùa Chú những = plural marker
thành tựu (成就) = 'successes, achievement'.
trong = 'in'.
bùa chú = 'amulets and incantations'.
Achievements in amulets and incantations

What would a book entitled Achievements in Charming be about? This is none too clear from the title. A book in the Muggle world about Achievements in Motor Racing or Achievements in Mountain Climbing might be about some of the great practitioners of these sports and the records or feats they achieved. So perhaps Achievements in Charming is about great feats of charming by master wizards in the past.

The Mainland version translates the English title fairly literally, as 'charm/curse achievement' (魔咒成就 Mó-zhòu chéng-jiù), but it's not totally clear what a book with this title might have between its covers.

The Taiwanese version tries to eke out the meaning of the English, but goes in a different direction, towards the cultivation of technical skills — in other words, a book about achieving mastery of the techniques of charming.

The Vietnamese is almost a word-for-word translation of the English, but the meaning is not clear.

None of the these appears to have grasped the meaning of the English and put it into equivalent terms.

The Japanese translation doesn't even try. Rather than guess what 'achievements in charming' might mean, the translator opts for a completely different title — a collection of problems related to spells. It sounds very much like a textbook.

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