Flying With The Cannons

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Hé Huǒpào-duì yìqǐ fēixiáng
= 'with, and'.
火炮 huǒpào = 'cannon, gun'.
-duì = 'team'.
一起 yìqǐ = 'together'.
飞翔 fēixiáng = 'hover, circle'.
Flying Together with the Cannon Team
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Yǔ Pàodàn-duì yìtóng fēixiáng
= 'with, and'.
砲彈 pàodàn = 'artillery shell, cannon ball'.
-duì = 'team'.
一同 yìtóng = 'together'.
飛翔 fēixiáng = 'hover, circle'.
Flying Together with the Cannonball team
Kyanonzu to tobō
キャノンズ Kyanonzu = 'Cannons'.
to = 'with'.
飛ぼう tobō = 'let's fly' (from 飛ぶ tobu 'to fly').
Let's Fly with the Cannons
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Bay Cùng Súng Thần Công bay = 'fly'.
cùng = 'together with'.
súng () = 'gun'
thần công (神功) = 'cannon' (old).
Flying with the Cannons
Mongolian (previous)
Их бууны сумтай хамт ниссэн нь
Ikh buunii sumtai khamt nissen n'
  Flying Together with the Cannonballs
Mongolian (new)
Их буунуудтай ниссэн нь
Ikh buunuudtai nissen n'
  Flying with the Cannons


Both the Chinese Mainland and Taiwanese versions make clear that the Cannons are a team ( or duì). 'The Cannons' become 'the Cannonballs' in the Taiwanese version.

In the Japanese version, 'Cannons' is given in katakana (キャノンズ) like the names of most Japanese baseball teams. Not all Japanese will understand the meaning ('cannon'), but this is not regarded as a problem.

The Vietnamese translator uses an old word for 'cannon', originally written with the characters 神功 meaning 'miraculous effect' (when Vietnamese was written in Chinese characters).

Note that the Vietnamese and Japanese versions do not make it apparent that the Cannons are a sports team.

Tobō (Japanese):

The verb form 飛ぼう tobō, usually translated as 'let's...', is common in Japanese. It is sometimes used as polite suggestion where a command would be rude or out of place, e.g., where English says 'Save Water', Japanese prefers to say 水を節約しましょう mizu o setsuyaku simashō or 'Let's save water'. In this case, tobō is used not as a command but as an invitation to 'fly with the Cannons'.

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