Quidditch Through The Ages

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)

Kuídìqí sùyuán

Shénqí de Kuídìqí-qiú

魁地奇 Kuídìqí = 'Quidditch'
溯源 sùyuán = 'go upstream to source'
神奇的 shénqí de = 'mysterious'.
魁地奇球 Kuídìqí-qiú = 'Quidditch ball' (the 'ball' is added to show that Quidditch is a ball sport).

1. Tracing Back to the Roots of Quidditch

2. Mysterious Quidditch-ball

Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Chuānyuè lìshǐ de Kuídìqí
穿越 chuānyuè = 'cross'.
歷史 lìshǐ = 'history'.
de = connecting particle
魁地奇 Kuídìqí = 'Quidditch'.
Quidditch Through History
Kwiditchi ima mukashi
クイディッチ Kwiditchi = 'Quidditch'.
ima = 'now'.
mukashi = 'in the past'.
Quidditch Now and Then
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Quidditch qua các thời đại Quidditch = 'Quidditch'.
qua = 'through'.
các () = 'each'.
thời đại (時代) = 'era'.
Quidditch Through the Ages
Mongolian (previous)
Квидичийн түүх
Kvidichiin Tüükh
  History of Quidditch
Mongolian (new)
Квиддичийн түүх
Kviddichiin Tüükh
  History of Quidditch

Each translator has found a different way of translating the title of this book.

Comic Relief:

Note that there are two versions of 'Quidditch Through The Ages' in Chinese. 魁地奇溯源 Kuídìqí sùyuán appears in the Harry Potter books. The other, 神奇的魁地奇球 Shénqí de Kuídìqí-qiú, is a separate title given to the Comic Relief version. Using a different title for the Comic Relief version rather destroys the internal consistency of Harry's world, but the publisher obviously felt that this would help sell the book.

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