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Chapter 9: The Midnight Duel


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese characters are shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 午夜决斗
Wǔyè juédòu
午夜 wǔyè= 'midnight'.
决斗 juédòu = 'decisive struggle' = 'duel'.
Midnight duel
Chinese (Taiwan) 午夜的決鬥
Wǔyè de juédòu
午夜 wǔyè = 'midnight'.
de = connecting particle
決鬥 juédòu = 'decisive struggle' = 'duel'.
Midnight duel
Japanese 真夜中の決闘
Mayonaka no kettō
真夜中 ma-yonaka = 'midnight'.
no = connecting particle
決闘 kettō = 'decisive struggle' = 'duel'.
Midnight duel
Vietnamese Cuộc giao đấu nửa đêm cuộc = counter for a match or incident.
giao () = 'mutual'.
đấu () = 'fight'.
nửa đêm = 'midnight'.
Midnight duel

The duel that Malfoy challenged Harry to but never eventuated.

Duel: The Chinese and Japanese translations use the same word for 'duel', although the second character is different in each (决斗, 決鬥, 決闘). This is one of those confusing cases where Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan have adopted different variants on the same character. Vietnamese đấu has the same root as the / dòu in Chinese and the -tō in Japanese.

Midnight: The 'Hour of the Horse ( )' in pre-modern China was midday. In modern Chinese, it's also used for midnight in the word 午夜 ( = 'sign of the horse' + = 'night'). This is the same as the sign of the horse in the Oriental zodiac.

In Japanese, 夜中 yonaka (yo 'night' + naka 'middle') means 'middle of the night'. 真夜中 ma-yonaka means 'right in the middle of the night' or 'the very middle of the night'. The name of this chapter in Japanese is reminiscent of the classic movie High Noon, which is known as 真昼の決闘 Ma-hiru no kettō ('Noon Showdown').

In Vietnamese, nửa means 'half' and đêm means 'night'.

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