"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
("Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone")


Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Hālì Bōtè yǔ mófǎ-shí
哈利・波特 Hālì Bōtè = phonetic transcription.
= 'and' (written Chinese).
魔法 mófǎ = 'magic' (the 'method' or 'way' or 'arts' of magic).
shí = 'stone'.
Harry Potter and the Magic Stone
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
哈利波特 神秘的魔法石
Hālì Pōtè — shénmì de mófǎ-shí
哈利波特 Hālì Pōtè = a phonetic transcription.
神秘的 shénmì de = 'mysterious'.
魔法 mófǎ = 'magic'.
shí = 'stone'.
Harry Potter: The Mysterious Magic Stone
Harii Pottā to Kenja no Ishi
ハリー・ポッター Harii Pottā = phonetic transcription (in katakana, the script normally used for foreign words).
to = 'and'.
賢者の石 Kenja no Ishi = 'wise man's stone', the standard translation for 'philosopher's stone',
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
해리포터와 마법사의 돌
Haeli Poteo-wa Mabeob-sa-ui Dol
해리포터 Haeli Poteo = phonetic transcription.
wa = 'and'.
마법사 (魔法師) mabeob-sa = 'sorceror, magician, wizard'.
-ui = 'connecting particle (possession)'.
dol = 'stone'.
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Harry Potter và hòn đá phù thủy Harry Potter (pronounced Ha-ri Pốt-tơ).
= 'and'.
hòn đá = 'stone' (hòn means 'piece' and is a 'counter' or 'classifier'; đá means 'stone').
phù thủy = 'sorceror'. Hòn đá phù thủy means 'sorceror's stone'.
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Mongolian (previous)
Харри Поттер ба шидэт чулуу
Kharri Potter ba shidet chuluu
Харри Поттер kharri potter = 'Harry Potter'.
ба ba = 'and'.
шид shid = 'supernatural power, magic, sorcery'.
шидэт shidet = 'having magic, magical, supernatural'.
чулуу chuluu = 'stone'.
Harry Potter and the Magic Stone
Mongolian (new)
Харри Поттер ба философийн чулуу
Kharri Potter ba filosofiin chuluu
Харри Поттер Kharri Potter = 'Harry Potter'.
ба ba = 'and'.
философи filosofi = 'philosophy' (-ийн -iin Genitive form, 'of philosophy').
чулуу chuluu = 'stone'.
Harry Potter and the Philosophical Stone

The Philosopher's Stone was an obsession of Western alchemy. The stone was said to be an elixir for prolonging life and had the property of turning other substances into gold. The name has conventionally been translated into the CJKV languages as follows:

The translations fall into three groups:

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