Chapter 19: The Servant of Lord Voldemort

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Fùdìmó de púrén
伏地魔 Fùdìmó = 'Voldemort'.
de = connecting particle
仆人 púrén = 'servant'.
Voldemort's Servant
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Fódìmó de púrén
佛地魔 Fódìmó = 'Voldemort'.
de = connecting particle
僕人 púrén = 'servant'.
Voldemort's Servant
Vorudemōto-kyō no meshi-tsukai
ヴォルデモート Vorudemōto = 'Voldemort'.
-kyō = 'lord'.
no = connecting particle.
召使い meshi-tsukai = 'servant'.
Lord Voldemort's Servant
볼드모트의 부하
Boldeumoteu-ui buha
볼드모트 Boldeumoteu = 'Voldemort'.
-ui = connecting particle (possessive).
부하 (部下) buha = 'subordinate, underling; henchman'.
Voldemort's Underling
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Đầy tớ của chúa tể Voldermort đầy tớ = 'servant, domestic'.
của = 'of'.
chúa tể (主宰) = 'lord, sovereign'.
Voldermort (pronunciation: Vòi-đờ-mọt)
Lord Voldermort's Servant
Mongolian (new)
Лорд Волдемортын зарц
Lord Voldemortiin zarts
Лорд Волдеморт Lord Voldemort = 'Lord Voldemort' (-ын -iin Genitive form).
зарц zarts = 'servant'
Lord Voldemort's Servant

The servant of Lord Voldemort is Peter Pettigrew, aka Scabbers the Rat.

How is 'lord' translated?

In English, 'lord' refers to a person with power and authority, a man of either noble rank or high office. The word is also used for the Christian God. The title of the chapter imparts a tone of grandeur and menace to Voldemort's name but not all translators actually translate it. The Chinese-language translations and the Korean translation simply call him 'Voldemort'.

For a note on Voldemort's name in Chinese characters, see Names of People and Places. Note that the Vietnamese translator misspells 'Voldemort'.

How is 'servant' translated?

A servant is a person who serves another, usually in a domestic capacity. It is associated with a subservient mentality or demeanour. It becomes clear later in the series just how much Voldemort demands of his 'servants'.

(Korean appears thanks to "Hiro".)

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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