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Chapter 11: Aboard the Hogwarts Express


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 登上霍格沃茨特快列车
Dēng-shàng Huògéwòcì tèkuài-lièchē
登上 dēng-shàng = 'board'.
霍格沃茨 Huògéwòcì = 'Hogwarts'.
特快列车 tèkuài-lièchē = 'express train' (特快 = 'special fast', 列车 = 'train').
On board the Hogwarts express train
Chinese (Taiwan) 登上霍格華茲特快車
Dēng-shàng Huògéhuázī tèkuài-chē
登上 dēng-shàng = 'board'.
霍格華茲 Huògéhuázī = 'Hogwarts'.
特快車 tèkuài-chē = 'special fast car' = 'express train'.
On board the Hogwarts express train
Japanese ホグワーツ特急に乗って
Hoguwātsu tokkyū ni notte
ホグワーツ Hoguwātsu = 'Hogwarts'.
特急 tokkyū (short for 特別急行 tokubetsu kyūkō) = 'special express'.
ni = particle meaning 'in' or 'on'
乗って notte = form of the verb 乗る noru 'to travel on, ride'.
Travelling on the Hogwarts special express
Vietnamese Trên tàu tốc hành Hogwarts trên = 'on'.
tàu = 'boat, train, plane, vehicle'.
tốc hành (速行) = 'express'.
(tàu tốc hành = 'express train'.)
Hogwarts ( pronunciation: Học-vợt).
On the Hogwarts express train

The Chinese uses the rather formal expression 登上 dēng-shàng for 'board' or 'to be aboard'. Normally to board or get on a train is expressed as 上車 / 上车 shàng-chē.

Each language has come up with a different expression for 'express', all implying speed. Japanese uses 'special express' as a normal express train (kyūkō) is not considered particularly fast or direct.

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