Harry's Schoolmates (J & V)

(For the romanisation of Japanese, see Transliteration. To understand the writing systems of CJV, see Writing Systems. Note: Vietnamese transliterations are taken from footnotes to the main text.)

Harry Potter ハリー・ポッター
Harii Pottā
Harry Potter
(Ha-ri Pốt-tơ)
The sheer conventionality of the Japanese transliteration fails to convey one important thing: Harry's name has already been shortened by fans in uniquely Japanese fashion into a snappy, trendy new term: Hari Pota (はりぽた).
Ron Weasley ロン・ウィーズリー
Ron Wiizurii
Ron Weasley
(Ron Guýt-li /
Rôn Guýt-li)

Wiizurii could also be romanised as Wiizurii.

The Vietnamese translator routinely transliterates 'w' as 'g' in the pronunciation footnotes. The Vietnamese 'g' is a more guttural sound than English 'g', somewhat resembling a French uvular 'r'.

Hermione Granger ハーマイオニー・グレンジャー
Hāmaionii Gurenjā

'Granger' becomes Gurenjā, not Gureinjā in Japanese. This conforms with the Japanese treatment of words such as 'ranger' and 'stranger'.

The Vietnamese pronunciation is somewhat removed from the original English. Is it any coincidence that 'mi-nhon' sounds like French mignon ('sweet, darling')?

Draco Malfoy ドラコ・マルフォイ
Dorako Marufoi
Draco Malfoy
(Đắc-cồ Man-phoi)
Both Japanese and Vietnamese interpret 'Draco' as being pronounced 'Drucco' rather than 'Drayco'.
Fred Weasley フレッド・ウィーズリー
Fureddo Wiizurii
Fred Weasley
(Phét Guýt-li)
Cedric Diggory セドリック・ディゴリー
Sedorikku Digorii
Cedric Diggory
(Xê-đơ-rích Đi-gô-ri)
Neville Longbottom ネビル・ロングボトム
Nebiru Rongubotomu
Neville Longbottom
(Ne-vin Long-bốt-tòm)
Strictly phonetic.
George Weasley ジョージ・ウィーズリー
Jōji Wiizurii
George Weasley
(Giọt Guýt-li)
Percy Weasley パーシー・ウィーズリー
Pāshii Wiizurii
Percy Weasley
(Pơ-xi Guýt-li)
Oliver Wood オリバー・ウッド
Oribā Uddo
Oliver Wood
(Ô-li-vơ Gút)
Ginny Weasley ジニー・ウィーズリー
Jinii Wiizurii
Ginny Weasley
(Gin-ni Guýt-li)
Gregory Goyle ゴイル
Vincent Crabbe クラッブ
Seamus Finnigan シェーマス・フィネガン
Shēmasu Finegan
Seamus Finnigan
(Xi-mớt Fi-ni-gân)
The Vietnamese translator appears to have assumed that 'Seamus' is pronounced 'Sheemus'.
Colin Creevey コリン・クリービー
Korin Kuriibii
Colin Creevey
(Cô-lin Cờ-ri-vi)
Dean Thomas ディーン・トーマス
Diin Tōmasu
Dean Thomas
(Đin Tô-mát)
Notice the lengthened ō in Tōmasu, which is standard in rendering 'Thomas' in Japanese.
Parvati Patil パーバティ・パチル
Pābati Pachiru
Parvati Patil
(Pạc-va-ti Pa-tin /
Pa-va-ti Pa-tin)
Pachiru is an old way of romanisation whereby English 'ti' is written as Japanese chi. The translator of the Harry Potter books, Yuko Matsuoka, usually prefers a more modern romanisation whereby 'ti becomes ティ ti.
Cho Chang チョウ・チャン
Chō Chan
Cho Chang

The Japanese gives 'Cho Chang' in katakana, standard for foreign names. In Japanese, even the names of nisei (ethic Japanese born and raised in foreign countries) are written in katakana. A name may only be written in kanji (Chinese characters) if it has been officially registered at birth with the local government in Japan or if the person comes from a jurisdiction that officially uses Chinese characters (such as China). If not, the name is like any other foreign name - a sound only, without any characters.

There is only one clue that the Japanese translator regards 'Cho Chang' as a Chinese name: she transliterates 'Chang' as チャン Chan rather than チャング Changu. Normally an extra gu is added if there is a 'g' in English - the singer 'Sting', for example, becomes スティング Sutingu. No gu is added for Chinese names.

The Vietnamese translator does not give a phonetic transliteration for Cho Chang.

Luna Lovegood ルーナ・ラブグッド
Lūna Rabuguddo
Luna Lovegood
(Lovegood = Lâp-vơ-gút)
Lavender Brown ラベンダー・ブラウン
Rabendā Buraun
Lavender Brown
(La-ven-đơ Bôn /
La-ven-đơ Brao)
The Vietnamese translator has problems with indicating the pronunciation of 'Brown'.
Lee Jordan リー・ジョーダン
Rii Jōdan
Lee Jordan
(Li Giọt-đan)
Justin Finch-Fletchley ジャスティン・フィンチ ‒ フレッチリー
Jasutin Finchi Furetchirii
Justin Finch-Fletchley
(Giất-stinh Phinh Phờ-lét-li /
Giất-tinh Phinh Phờ-lét-li /
Trất-tinh Finh Fét-li)
The recommended Vietnamese pronunciation of Justin's name has three different versions, at three seperate footnotes to the text.
Marcus Flint マーカス・フリント
Mākasu Furinto
Marcus Flint
(Mác-cớt Phơ-linh)


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