Hogwarts Staff (J & V)

(For the romanisation of Japanese, see Transliteration. To understand the writing systems of CJV, see Writing Systems. Note: Vietnamese transliterations are taken from footnotes to the main text.)

Wizards in Rowling's magical world often have Latin-derived names ending in '-us' (Albus, Remus, Rubeus, Argus, etc). It's interesting that the Japanese translator uses both English-style pronunciations rhyming with 'bus' (e.g. アルバス Arubasu) and Latin-style pronunciations rhyming with 'puss' (e.g. ルビウス Rubiusu). Note that 教授 kyōju and giáo sư both mean 'Professor'. 先生 sensei and thầy mean 'teacher'.

Albus Dumbledore アルバス・ダンブルドア
Arubasu Danburudoa
Albus Dumbledore
(An-bớt Đâm-bơ-đo)
Dumbledore is a venerable authority figure but his name in English tends to deflate this impression - it's an old word for 'bumble bee'! The Japanese and Vietnamese are straightforward transliterations.
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (full name) アルバス・パーシバル・ウルフリック・ブライアン・ダンブルドア
Arubasu Pāshibaru Urufurikku Buraian Danburudoa

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
(An-bơtx Pơc-xi-van Gu-phric Brai-ân Đâm-bơ-đơ)

Minerva McGonagall ミネルバ・マクゴナガル
Mineruba Makugonagaru
giáo sư McGonagall
(giáo sư Mắc-gôn-gôn)

ミネルバ Mineruba is the Roman goddess of learning, which is why her name is transliterated with the Latin reading (the 'r' is pronounced), not the English. マクゴナガル Makugonagaru is technically accurate (every consonant and vowel is fully represented), but the pronunciation is nothing like the English! The name would not be found strange by the マクドナルド Makudonarudo ('McDonald's') generation.

Vietnamese, with its repeated 'gon' sound, is less accurate phonetically than the Japanese but sounds more congenial.

Dolores Jane Umbridge ドローレス・ジェーン・アンブリッジ
Dorōres Jēn Anburijji
Dolores Jane Umbridge
(Umbridge = Âm-brit-giơ)
Severus Snape セブルス・スネイプ
Seburusu Suneipu
Severus Snape
(Xi-vi-rớt Xi-nạp)
The Vietnamese translator relates 'Snape' to the English name 'snap', glossing his name as thầy Quát, 'Scolding/abusive teacher'.
Professor Quirrel クィレル教授
Kwireru kyōju
giáo sư Quirrell
(giáo sư Quia ria)
Mr Flitwick フリットウィック先生
Furittowikku sensei
giáo sư Flitwick
(giáo sư Fít-guých)
Professor Sprout スプラウト先生
Supurauto sensei
giáo sư Sprout
(giáo sư X-prao)
Phonetic renderings.
Professor Binns ビンズ先生
Binzu sensei
giáo sư Binns
(giáo sư Bi-ni / giáo sư Bin)
Gilderoy Lockhart ギルデロイ・ロックハート
Giruderoi Rokkuhāto
Gilderoy Lockhart
(Gin-đơ-roi Lốc-hác)
In one footnote, the Vietnamese translator also gives the pronunciation Lốc-hạc.
Remus Lupin リーマス・ルーピン
Riimasu Rūpin
In the Vietnamese footnotes, Lupin is glossed as thầy Sói, 'Teacher Wolf'.
Sibyll Trelawney シビル・トレローニー
Shibiru Torerōnii
Sibyll Trelawney
(Si-biu Tri-lon-ni)
Professor Grubbly-Plank グラブリー・プランク先生
Guraburii Puranku sensei
giáo sư Grubbly-Plank
(giáo sư Grấp-bli Planh)
Mad-eye Moody マッド ‒ アイ・ムーディ
Maddo-ai Mūdi
Moody Mắt- Điên In Japanese, 'Mad-eye Moody' is transliterated phonetically.
In Vietnamese, Mắt-Điên means 'Crazy-eye'.
Moody is glossed as tính khí thất thường ('irregular disposition') or tính khí bất thường ('unusual disposition'), but no pronunciation is given.
Professor Marchbanks グリゼルダ・マーチバンクス教授 giáo sư Marchbanks  
Madam Pomfrey マダム・ポンフリー
Madamu Ponfurii
bà Pomfrey
(bà Pom-phị)
Madam Hooch マダム・フーチ
Madamu Fūchi
bà Hooch
(bà Húc)
Madam Hooch's name in Japanese could be interpreted either as 'Madam Hooch' or as 'Madam Fooch'.
Madam Pince マダムピンス
Madamu Pinsu
bà Pince
(bà Panh-xờ)
The Vietnamese transliteration of 'Pince' appears to be based on the French pronunciation.
Professor Tofty   giáo sư Tofty  
Professor Sinistra シニストラ教授 giáo sư Sinistra  
Horace Slughorn ホラス・スラグホーン Horace Slughorn  
Argus Filch アーガス・フィルチ
Āgasu Firuchi
Argus Filch
(ông Fít / ông Phích / A-gớt)
Vietnamese phonetics has problems with endings like 'lch', wreaking havoc with Filch's name.
Rubeus Hagrid ルビウス・ハグリッド
Rubiusu Haguriddo
Without being too pedantic, ルビウス Rubiusu should really be either ルベウス Rubeusu if it wants to be Latin or Rūbiasu ルービアス if it wants to be English.


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