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Pink Floyd's Allusions to Chinese Poetry:


Links are divided into two parts: Pink Floyd links and Chinese poetry links. The list has unfortunately been heavily affected by link rot. I've included just a bit of what I've found, with more emphasis on Chinese poetry than Pink Floyd, simply because it's already very easy to find material about Pink Floyd on the Internet.


Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd's debt to Chinese poetry

Lyrical Sources for Set the Controls (by Jim Beaker). This is the only site to present Johan Lif's original analysis in detail. Unfortunately it appears to no longer exist, although a copy can be found here.

Echoes FAQ#3 Refers to the source of Syd Barrett's Chapter 24 (the Yi Jing).

Echoes FAQ#4 Brief reference to the radio program in which Waters admitted to taking lyrics from Chinese poetry. There are lots of other sites like this.


Pink Floyd & Roger Waters sites

There are so many sites about Pink Floyd that it would be hopeless trying to list them all - and anyway, it's done better elsewhere. So I've just listed a page of links. Happy hunting!

The Great Wall of Links A site devoted to Floyd links.


Critiques of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd George Starostin's highly entertaining critique of Pink Floyd's music. Fans be warned: George takes Pink down a peg or two. (Currently being reconstructed)

Mark's Record Reviews: Pink Floyd Mark Prindle's critique of Pink Floyd

Chinese poetry


Chinese Poems: Presents Chinese, pinyin, and translations of poems by major Chinese poets. From the Tang, a very good selection of Tu Fu (Du Fu) poems, as well as Po Chü-i (Bai Juyi), Tu Mu (Du Mu), Han Yü (Han Yu), Li Yü (Li Yu), Liu Tsung-yüan (Liu Zongyuan), Mĕng Hao-jan (Meng Haoran), T'ao Chien (Tao Qian), and Wang Wei. Also poets from other eras. Includes a version of Du Mu's In Ch'i-an, on a Chance Theme (First of two).

Poet Seers.


Li He (Li Ho)

Li He at Wikipedia

Li Shangyin

Li Shangyin at Wikipedia

Chinese Poets Includes a brief introduction to Chinese prosody and a translation of the 'Patterned Lute'. Written by a Chinese who takes a critical look at his own country's poetic tradition.

Without Title (I) from Li Shangyin English translation of one of the untitled verses.


Du Mu (Tu Mu)

Du Mu at Wikipedia

Meng Jiao (Meng Chiao)

Meng Jiao at Wikipedia

Qu Yuan (Ch'ü Yüan)

Qu Yuan at Wikipedia