Chinese Poetry in Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd's Allusions to Chinese Poetry:

Crossing over from A. C. Graham's translations of Chinese poetry to the original Chinese versions wasn't too painful as long as I was relying on modern Chinese sources. It was when I started looking at critical commentaries in Classical Chinese in an effort to understand more obscure poems that I literally started to 'get out of my depth and out of my mind'. Any shortcomings in the analysis of the poems on this site must be attributed to my woefully inadequate knowledge of Classical Chinese.

Sources used in writing this site are shown below. For on-line sources, please look at my Web Links.

Poems of the Late T'ang A. C. Graham Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1965 This is the source of the lyrics and an excellent anthology of poetry translations to boot. Very readable introduction to the Translation of Chinese Poetry.
The Penguin Book of Chinese Verse Robert Kotewall and Norman L. Smith Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1962 Excellent introduction by A. R. Davis.
唐:李白 李賀 李商隱

(Dictionary for Appreciation of the Three Li: Li Bai, Li He, Li Shangyin)
宋緒連 初旭 主編
(Edited by Song Xulian & Chu Xu)
Jilin Wenshi Chubanshe, Changchun 1992
Useful, but interpretations are distorted by a socialist version of the Chinese conventional view that poetry must have a moral and utilitarian purpose.
(Collection for Appreciation and Analysis of Li He's Poetry)
傅经顺 主编
(Edited by Fu Jingshun)
Bashu Shushe, Sichuan 1996
Very useful.
(Poetry of Li Changji: Annotations by three critics)
(Annotated by Wang Qi and others)
Shanghai Guji Chubanshe, Shanghai 1998
Annotations on Li He's poetry by the Qing Dynasty critic Wang Qi and others. Relatively easy to understand despite being in Classical Chinese. (Li Chang-ji is Li He)

(Complete Collection of Li Shangyin. Appendix: Collection of Poetry of Li He)
朱怀春 曹光甫 高克勤 标点
(Punctuated by Zhu Huaichun, Cao Guangfu, Gao Keqin)
Shanghai Guji Chubanshe, Shanghai 1999
Texts only with no commentary.
(Analysis of Li Shangyin's Collected Poems)
劉學鍇 余恕誠 著
(Liu Xuekai and Yu Shucheng)
Zhonghua Shuju, Beijing 1998
Where I met my nemesis. 5 volumes of extended commentary by critics in Classical Chinese.

Li Shōin
(Selection of Chinese Poets 15)
高橋和巳 注
(Annotated by Takahashi Kazumi)
Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo 1958
Provided some extra information on some poems
(Selection of Poetry by Du Mu)
缪钺 选注
(Selected and Annotated by Miao Yue)
Renmin Wenxue Chubanshe, Beijing 1997
Texts with limited commentary.
Li Sao and Other Poems of Chu Yuan
Second Edition
Yang Hsien-yi & Gladys Yang Foreign Languages Press, Peking 1955 Translation of 'The Riddles' (Questions to Heaven) and other poetry of Qu Yuan. Kuo Mo-jo's 'Sketch of Chu Yuan' is very useful.

Besides the above, the poem 'Wanderer's Song' by Meng Jiao was photocopied from a collection of the poet's works, for which I do not have publication details.

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