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Qizi Bay: Local Kids


Since it was a Sunday, the local kids were very much in evidence. Hainanese kids love having their photos taken. These are some of the photos I took.

This is a group that we encountered at Zhongjiao, looking for shellfish in the sand. Putting in this many photos is a bit over the top, but every photo is so full of action and expression it's hard to know which ones to leave out!
8 kids posing in the water
8 kids posing (change of pose)
8 kids posing (another change of pose)
A picture of the girls
Four girls
And a photo of the boys (...hey, stay out of this, this is for boys only!)
Four boys
These little girls are twins


Some kids hunting round the rocks at Xiaojiao.
Kids fossicking among the rocks
A little boy fishing from a rock at Xiaojiao.
Boy fishing off a rock
Some boys posing on top of a rock at Xiaojiao.
Boys posing on top of large rock
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