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Qizi Bay: Xiaojiao


Xiaojiao (小角 Xiǎojiǎo) or 'Small Point' is a second rocky area of Qizi Bay, but compared with the majestic Dajiao it is friendly and accessible. To make up for the lack of scenery on a grand scale, Xiaojiao has a good share of 'scenic points'.


Looking towards the start of Xiaojiao from the beach at Zhongjiao.
The start of Xiaojiao


The first scenic point is the Sisters (姐妹石 Jiěmèi-shí). They present quite different aspects depending on the side from which they are viewed.
The Sisters
From one side...
They look much more lke sisters in this shot
And from the other.


This is as grand as Xiaojiao gets. After this it gradually scales down into areas of curiously shaped rocks.
A view over shoals of rocks


We now enter one of the 'sights' of Xiaojiao, known as 'the Stone Forest of the Gulf of Tonkin' (北部湾石林 Běibù-wān Shílín). To anyone who has ever seen the real Stone Forest near Kunming, this name is laughably grandiose, but the scenery is nice, anyway.
Stone Forest
Coming into the 'Stone Forest of the Gulf of Tonkin'...
Looking across rocks towards the sea
A glance to the right as we pass...
Looking back at Stone Forest
Looking back...that was it?


This rock is known as the 'Dragon Throne' (龙位 Lóngwèi), the traditional name by which the imperial throne (皇帝位 Huángdì-wèi) is known in China. Our guide told us solemnly that if you make love here and a child is conceived, it will be a 'dragon' if it is a boy or a 'phoenix' if it is a girl (This is very auspicious -- a dragon is traditionally identified with the Emperor and the phoenix with the Empress).
Dragon throne


A neat balancing act known as 四两换千斤 Sìliǎng huàn qiānjīn (literally, four liang swapped for one catty).
A small rock balancing a big one


Another woman looking out to sea waiting for her husband to return. This one is called 'Looking out for Husband Rock' (望夫石 Wàngfū-shí). The frequency with which one encounters such interpretations is a poignant reminder of the perils and heartbreaks of the seafaring life.
A rock resembles the head of a woman looking out to sea


As we leave Xiaojiao we see a swimming beach up ahead across the bay with shallow water ideal for bathing. Just beyond those trees is the town of Changhua.
Looking across to the bathing beach


A glance backwards at the start of Xiaojiao. This is the first sight of Xiaojiao that you would see if you came from the town.
The start of Xiaojiao, looking across the beach
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