Chapter 14: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Nuówēi jǐbèi lóng — Nuòbó
挪威 Nuówēi = 'Norway'.
脊背 jǐbèi = '(ridge)back'.
lóng = 'dragon'.
诺伯 Nuòbó = 'Norbert'.
Norbert — the Norwegian Ridgebacked Dragon
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Nuówēi jǐbèi lóng Luóbo
挪威 Nuówēi = 'Norway'.
脊背 jǐbèi = '(ridge)back'.
lóng = 'dragon'.
蘿蔔 Luóbo = 'radish'.
Radish (Norbert) the Norwegian Ridgebacked Dragon
Noruwei doragon no Nōbāto
ノルウェー Noruwei = 'Norway'.
ドラゴン doragon = 'dragon' (English).
no = connecting particle
ノーバート Nōbāto = 'Norbert'.
Norbert the Norwegian Dragon
해그리드의 새끼 용 노버트
Haegeulideu-ui saekki yong Nobeoteu
해그리드 Haegeulideu
-ui = connecting particle (possessive).
새끼 sakki 'cub, pup, young'.
용(龍) yong = 'dragon'.
노버트 Nobeoteu = 'Norbert'.
Hagrid's dragon cub, Norbert
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Trứng rồng đen trứng = 'egg'.
rồng = 'dragon'.
đen = 'black'.
The Black Dragon's Egg
Mongolian (previous)
Норберт хэмээх Норвэги луу
Norbert khemeekh Norvegi luu
Норберт Norbert = 'Norbert'.
хэмээх khemeekh = 'called'.
Норвеги Norvegi = 'Norway'.
луу luu = 'dragon'.
Norway Dragon Called Norbert
Mongolian (new)
Норвегийн бөгтөр луу
Norvegiin bögtör luu
Норвеги Norvegi = 'Norway'. (-ийн -iin Genitive form Норвегийн Norvegiin 'of Norway, Norwegian'.)
бөгтөр bögtör = 'stooped, hunchbacked'.
луу luu = 'dragon'.
The Norwegian Hunchbacked Dragon

Norbert is Hagrid's pet dragon, belonging to the Norwegian Ridgeback breed.

There is a certain amount of idiosyncratic variation in the translation of this title. All translators translate 'dragon'. However, some omit 'Norbert' and others omit 'Ridgeback'. In addition, some translations use extra or alternative expressions.

How are 'dragons' treated in translation?

The Oriental dragon is traditionally (with occasional exceptions) a magnificent mythical creature of good omen associated with water. It is nothing like the evil, fire-breathing dragon of the West. Unfortunately, the word 'dragon' is now conventionally used to describe both the Oriental and Occidental dragons. All translations bar the Japanese use the traditional name of the Oriental dragon, which in all cases is derived from Chinese (Trad.) / (Simpl.) lóng.

How is 'Norwegian Ridgeback' translated?

Not all translators use the term 'Norwegian ridgeback' in the title.

How is 'Norbert' transliterated?

'Norbert' is a somewhat humorous name that stands in an alliterative relationship with 'Norway'.

(Korean appears thanks to "Hiro".)

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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