Chapter 16: Through the Trapdoor

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Chuānyuè huóbǎn-mén
穿越 chuānyuè = 'pass through'.
活板门 huóbǎn-mén = 'trap door'.
Passing Through the Trap Door
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Chuānyuè huóbǎn-mén
穿越 chuānyuè = 'pass through'.
活板門 huóbǎn-mén = 'trap door'.
Passing Through the Trap Door
Shikakerareta wana
仕掛ける shikakeru = 'set' (Verb + Passive られ -rare- + Past -ta = 仕掛けられた shikakerareta 'was set, has been set'
wana = 'trap'.
The Set Trap (The Trap That Was Set)
지하실 문을 지나서
Jihasil mun-eul jina-seo
지하실 (地下室) jihasil = 'basement, cellar'.
문 (門) mun = 'door'.
-eul accusative (object) particle, object of following verb.
지나다 jina-da = 'pass, go by'.
-서 -seo = 'after'.
After Going Through the Basement Door
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Bẫy sập bẫy sập = trap door. Trap Door
Mongolian (previous)
Сөхдөг хаалганы цаана
Sökhdög khaalagnii tsaan
сөхөх 'lift up, raise up, open' (Habitual form).
хаалга khaalag = 'door'. (-(н)ы -(n)ii Genitive form).
сөхдөг хаалга sökhdög khaalag = 'trap door'.
цаана tsaan = 'beyond, other side'.
Beyond the Trap Door
Mongolian (new)
Нүх рүү орсон нь
Nükh rüü orson n'
нүх nükh = 'hole, opening'.
рүү rüü = 'into, to'.
орох orokh = 'go into' (-сон -son Past Tense).
нь n' = 'about' (makes the preceding sentence into a noun).
Going into the Opening

Harry, Ron and Hermione go down through the trapdoor to look for the philosopher's stone.

How is 'Through the Trapdoor' translated?

Not all translators feel obliged to follow the English exactly.

(Korean appears thanks to "Hiro".)

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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