Chapter 4: At Flourish and Blotts

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Zài Lì-hén Shūdiàn
zài = 'in'.
丽痕 lì-hén = 'beautiful' + 'stain'.
书店 shūdiàn = 'bookshop, bookstore'.
In Beautiful Stain Bookshop
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Zài "Huálì yǔ Wūhén Shūdiàn" lǐ
zài = 'in'.
華麗 huálì = 'splendour, magnificence, flamboyance; beautiful'.
= 'and' (formal).
污痕 wūhén = 'blot, dirty mark'.
書店 shūdiàn = 'bookshop, bookstore'.
= 'inside'.
Inside 'Flamboyance & Blot' Bookshop
Furōrisshu Ando Burottsu shoten
フローリッシュ Furōrisshu = 'Flourish'.
アンド ando = 'and' (English).
ブロッツ Burottsu = 'Blotts'.
書店 shoten = 'bookshop'.
Flourish and Blotts Bookshop
플러리쉬와 블러트 서점에서
Peulleoliswi-wa Beulleoteu Seojeom-eseo
플러리쉬 Peulleoliswi = 'Flourish'.
wa = 'and'.
블러트 Beulleoteu = 'Blott'.
서점 (書店) seojeom = 'bookshop, bookstore'.
에서 -eseo = 'in, at'.
In Flourish and Blott Bookshop
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Phú quí và cơ hàn phú quí (富貴) = 'wealth and honours'.
= 'and'.
cơ hàn (饑寒) = 'hunger and cold'.
Wealth & Honours and Hunger & Cold
Mongolian (previous)
Флориш ба Блотс дэлгүүрт
Florish ba Blots delgüürt
Флориш Florish = 'Flourish'.
ба ba = 'and'.
Блотс Blots = 'Blotts'.
дэлгүүрт delgüürt (дэлгүүр delgüür 'shop' + locative/dative case ending -t 'at, to') = 'at the shop'.
At Flourish and Blotts Shop
Mongolian (new)
"Флориш ба Блоттс" дэлгүүр
"Florish ba Blotts" delgüür
Флориш Florish = 'Flourish'
ба ba = 'and'
Блоттс Blotts = 'Blotts'
дэлгүүр delgüür = 'shop'
Flourish and Blotts Shop

Harry is at Flourish and Blotts, a bookshop in Diagon Alley, buying his school books.

How is 'Flourish and Blotts' translated?

'Flourish and Blotts' looks as though it was established by two gentlemen called Mr Flourish and Mr Blotts, cleverly putting together two words with roughly opposite meanings. 'Flourish' means a 'flowery embellishment in writing' (such as a curly line or piece of decoration). It is derived from the verb 'flourish', meaning to wave something about in a way that makes people notice it, which is then related to the expression 'with a flourish', meaning 'to do in a showy way'. 'Blot', of course, means an inkstain on the paper.

Several translators try valiantly to capture the flavour of the English but with limited success.

Others translations simply transliterate the English.

Translators who add 'Bookshop/bookstore'

Adding 'At'

(Korean appears thanks to "Hiro".)

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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