Chapter 17: The Heir of Slytherin

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Sīláitèlín de jìchéng-rén
斯莱特林 Sīláitèlín = 'Slytherin'.
de = connecting particle
继承人 jìchéng-rén = 'heir'.
Slytherin's Heir
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Shǐláizhélín de chuánrén
史萊哲林 Shǐláizhélín = 'Slytherin'.
de = connecting particle
傳人 chuánrén = 'successor, exponent (of a craft)'.
Slytherin's Successor
Surizarin no keishō-sha
スリザリン Surizarin = 'Slytherin'.
no = connecting particle.
継承者 keishō-sha = 'heir'.
Slytherin's Heir
슬리데린의 후계자
Seullidelin-ui hugye-ja
슬리데린 Seullidelin = 'Slytherin'.
-ui = connecting particle.
후계자 (後繼者) hugye-ja = 'successor, heir'.
Slytherin's Successor
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Người kế vị Slytherin người kế vị = 'heir (to the throne, etc.)'
(kế vị = 繼位)
Slytherin (pronunciation according to footnote: Xờ-li-thơ-rin).
Slytherin's Heir
Mongolian (previous)
Слизериний залгамжлагч
Slizerinii zalgamjlagch
Слизерин Slizerin = 'Slytherin' (-ий -iiGenitive form).
залгамжлагч zalgamjlagch = 'heir, successor'.
Slytherin's Heir
Mongolian (new)
Слизериний залгамжлагч
Slizerinii zalgamjlagch
Слизерин Slizerin = 'Slytherin' (-ий -ii Genitive form).
залгамжлагч zalgamjlagch = 'heir, successor'.
Slytherin's Heir

The self-proclaimed heir of Salazar Slytherin was Tom Riddle.

How is 'heir' translated?

An heir is generally defined as either:

There are two possible grounds for Tom Riddle's claim to be Slytherin's heir. The first is his direct descent from Slytherin through his mother. Thanks to this blood relationship, Riddle was able to speak Parselmouth, a gift that only descendants of Slytherin enjoyed, enabling him to open the Chamber of Secrets. The second is his conviction that he upholds Slytherin's values, including his embrace of the Dark Arts and his prejudice against Muggles — even though he was half Muggle himself. Tom Riddle effectively saw himself both as Slytherin's blood descendant and as his spiritual successor.

There is a certain fuzziness in Riddle's perception of himself as Slytherin's heir, which has occasioned debate among fans and clarifications from Rowling. This fuzziness has led to certain differences in the way 'heir' is translated.

How is 'Slytherin' transliterated?

Slytherin is rendered phonetically or written in alphabetic letters. In English the name suggests 'slither' (like a snake), but the spelling also suggests 'sly' (cunning). The usual pronunciation appears to be 'slitherin''.

(Korean appears thanks to "Hiro".)

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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