Chapter 25: The Egg and the Eye

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Jīndàn hé móyǎn
jīn = 'gold'.
dàn = 'egg'.
= 'and'.
= 'magic'.
yǎn = 'eye'.
Golden Egg and Magic Eye
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Jīndàn yǔ móyǎn
jīn = 'gold'.
dàn = 'egg'.
= 'and'.
= 'magic'.
yǎn = 'eye'.
Golden Egg and Magic Eye
Tamago to medama
玉子 tamago (written 'ball + child') = 'egg'.
to = 'and'.
目玉 medama = 'eyeball'.
The Egg and the Eyeball
황금 알과 눈
Hwanggeum al-gwa nun
황금(黃金) hwanggeum = 'gold'.
al = 'egg'.
-gwa = 'and'.
nun = 'eye'.
The Golden Egg and the Eye
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Cái trứng và con mắt cái = counter/classifier
trứng = 'egg'.
= 'and'.
con = counter/classifier
mắt = 'eye'.
The Egg and the Eye
Mongolian (new)
Алтан өндөг ба шидэт нүд
Altan öndög ba shidet nüd
алт alt = 'gold' (-n form).
өндөг öndög = 'egg'.
ба ba = 'and'.
шидэт shidet = 'magic' (having magic).
нүд nüd = 'eye'.
The Golden Egg and the Magic Eye

The egg in this chapter title is the golden egg given to the contestants as a clue for their next task. The eye is Moody's magical eye.

How are 'Egg' and 'Eye' translated?

What makes the English title effective is the use of two single-syllabled words, both beginning with 'e': 'egg' and 'eye'. (Quite irrelevantly, ey is actually the Old English word for 'egg'.)

The clue contained in the egg can be found at The Clue in the Egg (in Unicode).

(Korean appears thanks to "Hiro".)

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

Chapter 24
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