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Chapter 12: Professor Umbridge


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 乌姆里奇教授
Wūmǔlǐqí jiàoshòu
乌姆里奇 Wūmǔlǐqí = 'Umbridge (phonetic)'.
教授 jiàoshòu = 'professor'.
Professor Umbridge
Chinese (Taiwan) 恩不里居教授
Ēnbǔlǐjū jiàoshòu
恩不里居 Ēnbǔlǐjū = 'Umbridge (phonetic)'.
教授 jiàoshòu = 'professor'.
Professor Umbridge
Japanese アンブリッジ先生
アンブリッジ Anburijji = 'Umbridge (phonetic)'.
先生 sensei = 'teacher'.
Professor Umbridge
Vietnamese Giáo sư Umbridge giáo sư (教授) = 'professor'.
Umbridge = 'Umbridge' (to be pronounced Âm-brit-giơ).
Professor Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge has to be one of the most disagreeable characters in the Harry Potter books.

The name 'Umbridge' does not appear to have any identifiable meaning in English, although the pronunciation is similar to 'umbrage' ('to take umbrage' = 'to take offence').

The Mainland Chinese translator, rather inaccurately, transliterates it as 乌姆里奇 Wūmǔlǐqí. (The meaning is 'dark housemaid inside strange', but these meanings are of marginal relevance as the characters' function is phonetic.)

The Taiwanese rendition is also phonetic, although some meaning can be made out: ēn means 'kindness, favour, grace'; means 'not'; 里居 lǐ-jū means 'address'. The general implication is that there is no kindness or grace to be found with Dolores Umbridge.

The Japanese uses a standard katakana transliteration and the Vietnamese uses the English spelling, with a footnote instructing readers to pronounce this as Âm-brit-giơ.

Note that the title Professor follows the name in Chinese and Japanese but precedes it in Vietnamese.

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