Chapter 6: The Ghoul in Pyjamas

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Chuān shuìyī de shíshīguǐ
穿 chuān = 'to wear'.
睡衣 shuìyī = 'sleeping clothes' = 'pyjamas'.
de = connecting particle
食尸鬼 shíshīguǐ = 'corpse-eating-demon' = 'ghoul'
The corpse-eating-demon wearing pyjamas
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Chuān shuìyī de èguǐ
穿 chuān = 'to wear'.
睡衣 shuìyī = 'sleeping clothes' = 'pyjamas'.
de = connecting particle
惡鬼 èguǐ = 'evil demon'
The evil demon wearing pyjamas
Pajama-sugata no yane-ura o-bake
パジャマ pajama = 'pyjamas'
姿 sugata = 'style, appearance'.
no = connecting particle
屋根裏 yane-ura = 'inside the ceiling'.
お化け o-bake = 'ghost'.
The pyjama-wearing ghost from inside the ceiling
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Con ma xó mặc đồ ngủ con = classifier for animals.
ma xó = 'spirit of house corners', also 'busybody who knows about other people's affairs'.
mặc = 'to wear'.
đồ ngủ = 'pyjamas'.
The ghoul wearing pyjamas

Straightforward. This is the ghoul from inside the ceiling of the Weasley's house, clothed in pyjamas to fool people into thinking that Ron is in bed with a highly contagious disease.

The translation of ghoul is interesting, which is covered at Gadding with Ghouls.

The Japanese translator departs from the term for ghoul used elsewhere, グールお化け gūru o-bake, and gives the particular ghoul who inhabits the ceiling of the Weasley's house a special name — 屋根裏のお化け yane-ura no o-bake 'the ghost inside the ceiling'. Note that 屋根裏 yane-ura literally means 'behind the roof'.

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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