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(For the romanisation of Japanese, see Transliteration. To understand the writing systems of CJV, see Writing Systems.) Note: Vietnamese transliterations are taken from footnotes, not from the main text.

Privet Drive プリベット通り
Puribetto dōri
Privet Drive
(Pờ-ri-vet Đờ-rai-vờ)
The name is glossed in Vietnamese as đường Thủy lạp ('Privet road'). The word for the privet plant is the same as that in the Taiwanese translation (水蠟樹 shuǐlà-shù).

Little Whinging is one of those relatively new urban developments where all the streets have been named after a particular theme (in this case 'flowers'), in keeping with Rowling's characterisation of it as an extremely boring place.
Magnolia Crescent マグノリア・クレセント
Magunoria Kuresento
Magnolia Crescent
(Mắc-nhô-li-a Cờ-rét-xân =
đường cung Mạc lan)

đường Magnolia

đường Magnolia Crescent
(Mac-nô-li-a Cret-xân)
The Vietnamese translator flipflops badly on this one. The first version is from the original instalment of Book 3. Both a suggested pronunciation (Mắc-nhô-li-a Cờ-rét-xân) and the meaning ('Magnolia curved-street') are given in a footnote.

The second version is from the single-volume edition of Book 3 and means Magnolia street (đường = street/road) using the English name 'Magnolia'. There is no footnote to explain the meaning.

The third version is from the original instalment of Book 5 and means 'Magnolia Crescent Road', where đường means 'road'. The word đường is basically tacked on to ensure that Vietnamese readers realise that 'Magnolia Crescent' is the name of a road. The pronunciation for 'Magnolia Crescent' given in the footnote is quite different from that given at Book 3.

For reference, the Magnolia Road that appears at the same place is đường Magnolia Road.

The Japanese version avoids all problems by using katakana. The word マグノリア Magunoria is used in Japanese and is thus readily understood.
Little Whinging リトル・ウィンジング
Ritoru Winjingu
Little Whinging The Vietnamese version omits mention of 'Little Whinging' at Book One (where it is found on the envelope addressed to Harry).
The Burrow 隠れ穴

trang trại Hang Sóc

The Burrow is the small, higgledy-piggledy home of the Weasley's. The Japanese translator calls it 隠れ穴 Kakure-ana -- the 'hidden hole'.

The Vietnamese uses the English name initially (with the pronunciation footnoted as Bơ-râu) but ends up calling it the 'Squirrel Hole farmhouse' (trang trại Hang Sóc) in Book 4.

Ottery St. Catchpole オッタリー・セント・キャッチポール
Ottarii Sento Kyatchipōru
Đường Ottery ở Catchpole
(Ottery = Ôt-tơ-ri
Catchpole = Cát-pôn)

Ốt-tơ-ri Xanh Cát-pôn
For this quaint English name, Japanese simply uses a phonetic transliteration.

Vietnamese first interprets the name as 'Ottery Street in Catchpole' at Book 2 (đường means 'street', means 'at').
In Book 4, the translator realises her mistake and transliterates the entire name phonetically.
Stoatshead Hill ストーツヘッド・ヒル
Sutōtsuheddo Hiru
đời Stoatshead
Japanese transliterates the entire name phonetically, including the word 'hill' (ヒル hiru). Vietnamese combines English 'Stoatshead' with the Vietnamese word đời 'hill'.
Diagon Alley ダイアゴン横町
Daiagon yoko-chō
Hẻm xéo The Japanese means diagon alley (which has no particular meaning in Japanese). The Vietnamese means 'oblique alley'. See section on Word Play.
Knockturn Alley 夜の闇 ノクターン 横町
Yo no yami yoko-chō / Nokutān yoko-chō
Hẻm Knockturn
(Hẻm Cờ-nốc-tơn)

The sinister alley running off Diagon Alley. The Japanese translation means 'darkness of the night alley'. The pronunciation given is Nokutaan, which could be read either 'Nocturne' or 'Knockturn'. See section on Word Play.

The Vietnamese translator would have Vietnamese readers pronounce the 'k' in 'Knockturn'.


(Hốc-mít or Hoc-x Mit,
otherwise known as trường Mụt cóc heo)
The Village of Hogsmeade, located near Hogwarts. I have not been able to find out the meaning of the name trường Mụt cóc heo)
Godric's Hollow ゴドリックの谷
Godorikku no tani
Hố Thần

The Japanese means 'Godrick's valley'. The Vietnamese means 'God/spirit hollow'.

Little Hangleton リトル・ハングルトン
Ritoru Hanguruton
Hangleton Nhỏ

The Japanese transliterates the entire name phonetically. The Vietnamese uses the English word 'Hangleton' (without a footnote to indicate the pronunciation) and translates 'little' as nhỏ.

Hogwarts ホグワーツ
trường Hogwarts
(trường Học-vợt)


trường Beauxbatons
(trường Bô-ba-tông)
The Japanese is a good representation of the French pronunciation.

In Vietnamese, 'Beauxbatons' is glossed as Trường Mấy Cây Đũa Mỹ Miều or Trường Mấy Cây Đũa Đẹp ('school of beautiful wands').
Durmstrang ダームストラング
trường Durmstrang
(trường Đơm-xtrang)

The Japanese is based solidly on the English pronunciation of 'Durmstrang', with no attempt to reproduce the German. Similarly for Vietnamese.
In Vietnamese, 'Durmstrang' is glossed as Trường Điên Khùng or Trường Khùng Điên ('school of frenzy/fury').


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