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Translation and Rewriting (Japanese-English)

Part 4

The Three Layers of Japanese Trade Policy


My translation

Currently, Japan's trade policy consists of three layers. The fundamental layer is to promote the liberalisation and transparency of the multilateral trade system under the WTO. A second layer is economic diplomacy through such fora as APEC and the OECD, in which peer pressure plays an important role. The newest layer is what are known as FTAs or economic partnerships.

Official translation

There are currently three layers to Japanese trade policy. Of the three, I believe the most basic is that of promoting liberalization and transparency within the WTO multilateral trading regime. Overlying that is economic diplomacy in such forums as APEC and the OECD, where peer pressure is so important. And the newest layer is that of the free-trade agreements (FTAs) or economic partnerships.

This paragraph is quite straightforward, setting forth three 'layers' of trade policy.

My translation is also straightforward, somewhat marred by the repetiton of 'layer' three times. The final sentence is a literal translation of the Japanese.

The official version takes the layer metaphor and brings it to life ('the most basic [layer] is', 'overlaying that is', 'the newest layer is').

The translation of WTOによる、多角的貿易体制の下での自由化、透明化の推進です as 'promoting liberalization and transparency within the WTO multilateral trading regime' is an excellent rendition.




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