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Translation and Rewriting (Japanese-English)

Part 1



My translation

I am most grateful for being invited to the Boao Forum and being given the opportunity to address this session today. The title of the session, 'Post-Cancun Multilateral Trading System and Asian Economic Integration', encapsulates one of the most important issues now facing Japanese trade policy. Today I will outline the positioning of the two elements of the topic, namely (1) the WTO and (2) economic partnerships with East Asia, with respect to Japan's trade policies.

Official translation

I would like to begin by thanking you for inviting me to this Boao Forum for Asia and giving me an opportunity to speak in this session. Given that the session title is 'Post-Cancun Multilateral Trading System and Asian Economic Integration', I will just focus on two of the most relevant tenets of Japanese international trade policy. Specifically, I will talk about the WTO and about economic partnerships with East Asia -- explaining our policies and locating them within the policy matrix.

Structure and flow


Japanese original Literal meaning My translation Official translation
最も重要 'most important' 'most important' 'most relevant'
課題 'task' 'issue' 'tenet'
要素 'element' 'elements' omitted
位置づけられている 'to be positioned/located' 'positioning' 'locate them ... within...'
通商政策 'trade policy' 'trade policy' 'trade policy matrix'
説明する 'to explain' 'outline' 'focus on ....explaining'


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