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Part 12

The Growth of FTAs between Japan and Asia



My translation

With regard to economic linkages with East Asia, Japan concluded its first economic partnership with Singapore in January 2002. We are now negotiating partnerships with Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Based on a framework agreed on at the Japan-ASEAN summit in October last year, we intend to open discussions this year with ASEAN as a whole concerning basic rules with a view to commencing negotiations at the start of 2005.

I believe that economic interdependence with East Asia will continue to deepen in future. I, and the Japanese government as a whole, will continue to bend our efforts to promoting East Asia-wide economic partnerships.

Official translation

Looking at economic partnerships with East Asia, Japan moved to conclude its first economic partnership agreement in January 2--2 with Singapore and is currently negotiating agreements with South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. In addition, building upon the framework agreement reached at last October's Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting, we plan to discuss the basic ground rules with ASEAN this year and to move into actual negotiations next year.

I firmly believe the Japanese and other East Asian economies will continue to be increasingly interdependent, and I assure you the government of Japan is determined to continue to do what it can to promote 'economic partnerships throughout East Asia'.


The ending is rather abrupt, considering that the last two paragraphs are central to the topic of the speech.

Some of the vocabulary involved is:

Japanese original Literal meaning My translation Official translation
経済連携 'economic tieups/linkages/partnerships' 'economic linkages' 'economic partnerships'
経済連携協定 'economic liinkup agreement' 'economic partnership' 'economic partnership'
...で合意された枠組みに基づき 'based on framework agreed at...' 'based on a framework agreed at...' 'building upon the framework agreement reached at...'
基本的なルールを協議し 'discuss the basic rules' ’discussions concerning basic rules’ 'discuss the basic ground rules'
交渉を開始する 'to open/start negotiations' 'commencing negotiations' 'move into actual negotiations'
相互依存の深化は一層進む 'deepening of interdependence will further progress' 'interdependence ... will continue to deepen' 'will continue to be increasingly interdependent'
経済連携の推進 'promotion of economic tieups/partnerships' 'promoting ... economic partnerships' 'promote economic partnerships'
力を尽くして参る所存です 'are committed to do our utmost' 'will continue to bend our efforts to' 'determined to continue to do what it can to'

Note how 東アジアワイドでの経済連携 utilises the English word 'East Asia wide', which sounds somewhat unnatural in English. In my translation, 東アジアワイドでの経済連携 becomes quite simply 'East Asia-wide economic partnerships', somewhat awkwardly retaining the '-wide' (ワイド) borrowing from English. In the official translation, 東アジアワイドでの経済連携 is translated as 'economic partnerships throughout East Asia', which is more natural.


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