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Table of Hiragana Characters (Maru-moji)

Table 1. The Standard Goju-on

Maru-moji ('rounded letters') have been a favourite among young people for many years. They are of special interest to manga and anime fans. But they're not recommended for learners unless you (1) want to annoy hell out of your teacher or (2) want to destroy any chance of ever learning to write Japanese properly.
To see the katakana equivalent of each character, pass your cursor over the top. (Sorry, does not work on mobile devices.)

aa ii uu ee oo
kaka kiki kuku keke koko  
sasa shisi susu sese soso is pronounced shi.
tata chiti tsutu tete toto is pronounced chi.
is pronounced tsu.
nana nini nunu nene nono  
haha hihi fuhu hehe hoho is pronounced fu.
is used to write the particle e, meaning 'to'.
mama mimi mumu meme momo  
yaya   yuyu   yoyo  
rara riri ruru rere roro  
wawa wiwi   wewe wo (o)wo and are old characters that have been abolished. They are very seldom seen.
is used only for the object of the verb.

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