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Table of Hiragana Characters (Maru-moji)

Table 3. Syllables with Ya, Yu, and Yo

Maru-moji ('rounded letters') have been a favourite among young people for many years. They are of special interest to manga and anime fans. But they're not recommended for learners unless you (1) want to annoy hell out of your teacher or (2) want to destroy any chance of ever learning to write Japanese properly.
To see the katakana equivalent of each character, pass your cursor over the top. (Sorry, does not work on mobile devices.)

kyakya kyukyu kyokyo
gyagya gyugyu gyogyo  
shasya shusyu shosyo  
jazya juzyu jozyo  
chatya chutyu chotyo  
jadya judyu jodyo These are rarely if ever seen. could be used if yunomi-jawan 'tea cup' is written in kana because jawan is derived from chawan.
nyanya nyunyu nyonyo  
hyahya hyuhyu hyohyo  
byabya byubyu byobyo  
pyapya pyupyu pyopyo  
myamya myumyu myomyo  
ryarya ryuryu ryoryo  

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