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Chapter 6: The Journey from Platform Nine and Three Quarters


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese characters are shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 从93/4站台开始的旅程
Cóng jiǔ yòu sì-fēn-zhī-sān zhàntái kāishǐ de lǚchéng
cóng = 'from'.
jiǔ = '9'.
yòu (not written) = 'and' (with fractions only).
3/4 sì-fēn-zhī-sān = '3/4' ( = 4, sān = 3)
站台 zhàntái = 'platform'.
开始 kāishǐ = 'start'.
de = connecting particle
旅程 lǚchéng = 'journey'.
The journey starting from platform 9 and 3/4
Chinese (Taiwan) 自九又四分之三月台出發的旅程
Zì jiǔ yòu sì-fēn-zhī-sān yuètái chūfā de lǚchéng
= 'from' (formal).
jiǔ = '9'.
yòu = 'and' (with fractions).
四分之三 sì-fēn-zhī-sān = '3/4' ( = 4, sān = 3)
月台 yuètái = 'platform'.
出發 chūfā = 'depart'.
de = connecting particle
旅程 lǚchéng = 'journey'.
The journey departing from platform 9 and 3/4
Japanese 9と3/4番線からの旅
Kyū to yonbun no san bansen kara no tabi
kyū = '9'.
to = 'and'.
3/4 yonbun no san = '3/4' (yon = 4, san = 3)
ban = 'number'.
sen = 'track'.
から kara 'from', i.e., 'from track number'.
no = connecting particle
tabi = 'journey'.
The journey from track no. 9 and 3/4
Vietnamese Hành trình từ sân ga chín-ba-phần-tư hành trình (行程) = 'journey'.
từ () = 'from'.
sân ga = 'platform'. (ga is from French gare, 'station')
chín = '9'.
ba-phần-tư = '3/4'. (ba = 3, = 4, phần = )
The journey from platform 9 and 3/4

Platform Nine and Three Quarters is the most famous platform at Kings Cross Station in London, the one from which the Hogwarts Express departs.

The Mainland and Taiwanese Chinese versions of this title are basically the same, although there are slight variations in the choice of words. The word 月台 yuètái 'platform', literally 'moon platform', is still used in Taiwan but is now rare on the Mainland, where 站台 zhàntái = 'station platform' has become the normal term.

The Vietnamese word hành trình 'journey' is related to Chinese word 行程 xíngchéng. However, 行程 xíngchéng is only used in the narrow meaning of 'distance or route of a journey'.

Fractions: In Chinese and Japanese, the numerator and the denominator in vulgar fractions are read in the reverse order. For those not mathematically inclined, the denominator '4' ( or yon) is read first and the numerator '3' (sān or san) comes last, as if we were saying 'quarters three' instead of 'three quarters'.

The word fēn or bun () here means 'part', i.e., 'quarter' literally means 'four parts'. Zhī and no are particles connecting the denominator and numerator.

In Vietnamese, on the other hand, even though the word phần is related to Chinese and Japanese (fēn and bun), the denominator/numerator order follows the English (probably originally the French): ba-phần-tư = '3-part-4'.

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