Chapter 14: The Unforgivable Curses

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Bù kě ráoshù zhòu
= 'not'.
= 'able'.
饶恕 ráoshù = 'pardon, forgive'.
zhòu = 'spell, curse'.
The Unforgiveable Curse
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Bú shè zhòu
= 'not'
shè = 'pardon'.
zhòu = 'spell, curse'.
The Unpardonable Curse
Yurusarezaru jumon
許されざる yurusarezaru = 'unpardonable' (許す yurusu = 'to pardon, forgive'; 許される yurusareru = passive 'to be forgiven, pardoned' 許されざる yurusarezaru = 'to not be forgiven, pardoned' - literary-style negative).
呪文 jumon = 'spell'.
The Unpardonable Spell
용서받지 못할 저주
Yongseobad-ji moshal jeoju
The Unforgiveable Curse
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Những lời nguyền không thể tha thứ những = plural marker
lời nguyền = 'oath, jinx'.
không thể = 'impossible'.
tha thứ = 'forgive, pardon'.
The Unforgiveable Jinxes
Mongolian (new)
Уучилшгүй шившлэг
Uuchilshgüi shivsleg/span>
уучилшгүй uuchilshgüi = 'unforgiveable'.
шившлэг shivshleg = 'charm, spell, invocation'.
The Unforgiveable Spell

The unforgiveable curses are the 'Imperius curse' (forcing people to your will), the 'Cruciatus curse' (torturing people), and Avada Kedavra (the killing curse).

How is 'curses' translated?

The word 'curse' is put into plural form only by the Vietnamese translator (những lời nguyền, where những marks plurality).

How is 'unforgiveable' translated?

The curses are called unforgiveable because use of them cannot be forgiven. Most translations put the verb in the active form, that is, 'cannot forgive'.

For a similar style of title, see The Unbreakable Vow and The Unknowable Room.

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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