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Chapter 17: The Four Champions


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 四位勇士
Sì-wèi yǒngshì
四位 sì-wèi = 'four' + counter/classifier for people
勇士 yǒngshì = 'brave/strong man' = 'warrior'.
The four warriors
Chinese (Taiwan) 四名鬥士
Sì-míng dòushì
四名 sì-míng  = 'four' + counter/classifier for people
鬥士 dòushì = 'fighter'.
The four fighters
Japanese 四人の代表選手
Yonin no daihyō senshu
四人 yo-nin = 'four' + counter/classifier for people
no = connecting particle
代表 daihyō = 'representative'.
選手 senshu = 'player, athlete'.
The four representative players
Vietnamese Vị quán quân thứ tư vị () = counter/classifier for people
quán quân (冠軍) = 'champion, titleholder'.
thứ tư (次四) = 'no. 4, fourth'.
The fourth champion

The Vietnamese has a more dynamic meaning, capturing the upset at the emergence of a fourth name from the Goblet of Fire.

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