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Chapter 19: The Lion and the Serpent


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 狮子与蛇
Shīzi yǔ shé
狮子 shīzi = 'lion'.
= 'and' (written form).
shé = 'snake'.
Lion and snake
Chinese (Taiwan) 獅與蛇
Shī yǔ shé
shī = 'lion'.
= 'and' (written form).
shé = 'snake'.
Lion and snake
Japanese ライオンと蛇
Raion to hebi
ライオン raion = 'lion (from English)'.
to = 'and'.
hebi 'snake'.
Lion and snake
Vietnamese Sư tử và rắn sư tử (獅子) = 'lion'.
= 'and'.
rắn = 'snake'.
Lion and snake

Translated literally. The Lion and the Serpent are representative of the House of Gryffindor and the House of Slytherin respectively. The chapter is about a Quidditch match between the two houses.

Note how Chinese and Vietnamese use the same word, 狮子 / 獅子 shī-zi or sư tử, to refer to the lion. ( shī in the Taiwanese version is more classical and economical in feeling; 狮子 shī-zi is the normal modern Chinese word for 'lion'.) Japanese also has the word 獅子 shishi, still retained for traditional words like 'lion dance', but it has been supplanted in modern Japanese by ライオン raion from English.

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