The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)

Simplified Chinese (Mandarin: China)
Biāozhǔn zhòuyǔ, chūjí
标准 biāozhǔn = 'standard'.
咒语 zhòuyǔ = 'spell'.
初级 chūjí = 'beginning level'.
Standard Spells, Beginning Level
Traditional Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan)
Biāozhǔn zhòuyǔ, chūjí
標準 biāozhǔn = 'standard'.
咒語 zhòuyǔ = 'spell'.
初級 chūjí = 'beginning level'.
Standard Spells, Beginning Level
Kihon jumon-shū (ichi gakunen-yō)
基本 kihon = 'basic'.
呪文 jumon = 'spell'.
-shū = 'collection'.
一学年用 ichi gakunen-yō = 'one school-year use'.
Collection of Basic Spells (for 1st grade)
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Sách Thần chú căn bản (lớp 1)
sách () = 'book'.
thần chú (神咒) ='incantation/spell'.
căn bản (根本) = 'basic'.
lớp = 'grade, class'.
1 (một) = 'one'.
Book of Basic Spells (grade 1)
Mongolian (previous)
Энгийн шившлэг (I боть)
Engiin shivshleg (negdügeer bot')
энгийн engiin = 'simple, ordinary, usual'.
шившлэг shivshleg = 'spell, invocation'.
I negdügeer = 'first'.
боть bot' = 'volume'.
Ordinary Spells (Vol 1)
Mongolian (new)
Шившлэгийн сурах бичиг (1-р дамжаа)
shivshlegiin surakh bichig (negdügeer damjaa)
шившлэг shivshleg = 'spell, invocation'. (шившлэгийн shivshlegiin is genitive form, 'of spells')
сурах бичиг surakh bichig = 'textbook'.
1-р negdügeer = 'first'.
дамжаа damjaa = 'course'.
Textbook of Spells (1st Course)

A typical textbook title. Despite slight differences, the meaning of the translations is similar.

The rendition of 'standard' varies. The Chinese translations describe them as 'standard' (標準 / 标准 biāozhǔn). The Japanese and Vietnamese translators use words meaning 'basic'. The previous Mongolian translator also used a word meaning simple or ordinary (энгийн engiin). The newest Mongolian translation leaves out any mention of 'standard' and calls it a 'textbook of spells'.

In a nice touch, Japanese uses the word -shū 'collection', a common expression for collections of stories, etc.

Note that , meaning 'to curse' or 'cast a spell on', occurs in all three CJV languages, although written differently and used in different words: 咒语 zhòuyǔ in Chinese, 呪文 jumon in Japanese, and thần chú in Vietnamese.

The Mongolian

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