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Guardian Lions in Chengdu (1)


This is a pair of stone lions photographed outside a hotel restaurant in Chengdu. They have a chunky, squarish shape that manifests itself in their total aspect. These lions are located indoors, hence the yellowish lighting.

They are in a simplified orthodox style and not overly large, but manage to project a solid and impressive air.

Guardian lion in California Garden Hotel, Chengdu (female)
Guardian lion in California Garden Hotel, Chengdu (male)


Type: Imperial lions.

Body type: Stocky and solid, with some musculature.

Stance: Orthodox (solid stance, seated on haunches with free front paw firmly planted on the ground).

Gaze: Straight ahead.

Mane: Standard coiffe. Mane is at back of head, leaving the forehead clear. Mane does not obtrude at the sides.

Ears: Short and pointy at each side. Ears are clear of the mane.

Forehead: Broad. Top of head is smooth and flat, with three lobes only vaguely apparent.

Eyebrows: Curly, flaring upwards at outside.

Point between eyebrows: Single large swelling.

Eyes: Clearly defined.

Nostrils: Flared, some lines of decoration on top.

Mouth: Open, top and bottom row of teeth visible with larger incisors at left and right of top and bottom jaws. Teeth not finely modelled.

Moustache: Fine lines on cheek.

Beard: Two wavy beards.

Halter: Visible; simple decoration.

Pendants on halter: At front, a single round bell hanging from a clasp in the shape of a wild beast's face. A tassel at each shoulder.

Front legs: Standard (muscular). One paw solidly on the ground.

Sexual differentiation: Standard (cub vs globe).

Style of cub: Standard (lying on back with legs up). Good detail.

Style of globe: Latticed surface.

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