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Guardian Lions in Chengdu (2)


Stone lions outside a small hotel. The male is on the wrong side.
Guardian lion in Chengdu (male)
Guardian lion in Chengdu (female)


Type: Imperial lions.

Body type: Stocky and solid, with some musculature.

Stance: Orthodox (solid stance, seated on haunches with free front paw firmly planted on the ground).

Gaze: Heads turned towards the centre, inclined upwards.

Mane: Standard coiffe, appears to start at the back. Mane protrudes prominently on both sides but not (it appears) at the top.

Ears: Flat, facing backwards from curled front end.

Forehead: Three deeply marked lobes on top of the head.

Eyebrows: Low-hanging, flat, curly.

Point between eyebrows: Double 'beans'.

Eyes: 'Bug-eyed' look. Minimal delineation.

Nostrils: Roundish.

Mouth: Open; dips towards the back. Top and bottom row of teeth visible with larger incisors at left and right of top and bottom jaws. Teeth well delineated. Ribbons emerge from corners of mouth.

Moustache: None.

Beard: Two curled beards.

Halter: Relatively elaborate decoration.

Pendants on halter: Three single round bells at front. Middle bell hangs from a ring held by a wild beast's face. Outside bells hang from rings on the halter.

Front legs: standard (muscular). One leg firmly on the ground, the other on cub or ball.

Sexual differentiation: Standard (cub vs globe).

Style of cub: Standard (lying on back with legs up). Good detail.

Style of globe: Latticed surface, with silk 'streamer'.

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