Spicks & Specks

incorporating 'A Thousand Miles of Moonlight'




Bones of the Living, Bones of the Dead (Chinese and Japanese) 7 May 2015
Global Times stance on Xi's Mongolia visit (An occasional translation) 31 Aug 2014
What is a 'sheep station'? (With reference to 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo') 16 Jun 2013
Searching for Gladys ('The Inn of Eight Happinesses') 6 May 2013
Learning Inner Mongolian (3) (Learning the script) 27 Jan 2013
Learning Inner Mongolian (2) (Spelling pronunciations as a method of teaching) 2 Dec 2012
Learning Inner Mongolian (1) 24 Oct 2012
Shots of Tokyo (City views from Myogadani) 3 Oct 2012
Suppositories 12 Sep 2012
The culture of drinking in China -- a Japanese view 28 Jul 2012
Chinese grunge band in Mongolia 22 Jul 2012
The culture of drinking in China 22 Jul 2012
素质 / 素質, quality, and natural endowments 23 Jun 2012
写真 / 寫眞 22 Jun 2012
貨車 / 货车 6 Mar 2012
Mongolian/Inner Mongolian vocab differences 2 Mar 2012
Raccoons 25 Feb 2012
Shares for shares (Shares swaps in Chinese and Japanese) 9 Feb 2012
Where to buy Mongolian-language books in Ulaanbaatar (including second-hand books) 7 Feb 2012
The word 候机楼 ('airport terminal building') 5 Jan 2012
Where to buy Mongolian-language books in Hohhot 16 Oct 2011
Level up 25 Jul 2011
Монгол хэлний зурагт толь бичиг (Pictorial Dictionary Mongolian) Undated
Transliterating "Pringle" into Chinese 24 Aug 2008
The Chinese Mentality (An occasional piece) 22 Jul 2008
Translating 'Commodities Boom' into Chinese 20 Jul 2008
The Export of Chinese Coking Coal (An anonymous piece) 30 Nov 2006
Anti-Japanese Puns (Humorous text messages) 30 Oct 2006
Sino-Japanese Energy Game (An occasional translation) 3 Mar 2005
Translation and Rewriting (Study of a speech on 'The Post-Cancun Multilateral Trading System and Asian Economic Integration' from the point of view of translation) 28 Jan 2005
The Perils of Translating Via a Third Language 2003
'Mind the Gap' in Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin Undated
Style Plaza or Amorous Square? 2003
Year of the Sheep or Year of the Goat? 2003
The CJV Translation of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' Undated
Don't Forget to Flush... Undated