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LOG OF UPDATES 2004 (plus end 2003)

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27 December 2004 (Macau)

19 December 2004 (Beijing)

14 December 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added page on the spell Orchideus.
  • Fixed up position of Unicode savvy signs.

13 December 2004 (Beijing)

12 December 2004 (Beijing)

  • Fixed faulty metatags in the heads of pages in the Mistranslation section.

11 December 2004 (Beijing)

10 December 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added page on the translation of 'Let your hair down', as spoken by Professor McGonagall.

7 December 2004 (Beijing)

5 December 2004 (Beijing)

2 December 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added Japanese notes for Chapters 14 and 15 in Book 5.
  • Changed order of Javascript menu items.

1 December 2004 (Beijing)

30 November 2004 (Beijing)

  • Lowered the first start of every page so that the top navigation bar is not obscured by the Milonic Java menu. Also fixed up a few problems with the Java menu.

26 November 2004 (Beijing)

  • Fixed a few errors in the navigation system.

25 November 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added the Milonic navigation system to Harry Potter.

20 November 2004 (Beijing)

18 November 2004 (Beijing)

  • Fixed up a few style features and added a background picture showing Harry's glasses.

17 November 2004 (Beijing)

15 November 2004 (Beijing)

11 November 2004 (Beijing)

10 November 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added a page on the Foe-Glass. Slightly reshuffled the files.

9 November 2004 (Beijing)

8 November 2004 (Beijing)

2 November 2004 (Beijing)

25 October 2004 (Beijing)

23 October 2004 (Beijing)

19 October 2004 (Beijing)

17 October 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added notes on book titles found in Book 5 (Japanese), which in some cases involved extensive rewriting. The graphics for individual Japanese words are to be added later -- for the moment, only romanisation is given. Links to the main page of book titles were also fixed (previously they pointed to the old file, which is outside the folder. The change is related to the upcoming implementation of the Milonic menu system to the Harry Potter section of the site).

15 October 2004 (Beijing)

14 October 2004 (Beijing)

11 October 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added Japanese chapter titles for Book 5 of Harry Potter, although in unfinished form. The main problem is that I have not yet made graphics for individual words. Rather than wait, I've put the chapter titles up without these graphics, which will appear later.

10 October 2004 (Beijing)

25 September 2004 (Beijing)

  • Cleaned up headers.

12 September 2004 (Beijing)

11 September 2004 (Beijing)

10 September 2004 (Beijing)

2 September 2004 (Beijing)

  • The Japanese version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has appeared and a note to that effect has been added at the index page for Harry Potter. This site will be updated as soon as I can get my hands on a copy!

31 August 2004 (Beijing)

30 August 2004 (Beijing)

22 August (Macau)

  • Finally completed a section on the Translation of Relative Clauses in the Description of the Basilisk (Harry Potter Book 2). This is more interesting than it sounds. It uses real examples to demonstrate that conventional 'grammar' fails to capture the reality of writing. Grammatical structures are simply tools -- stylistic devices -- for expressing authorial intent, a fact that must be taken into account in translation. Although hardly earthshaking, I have yet to find the issue seriously addressed in scholarly literature, although I am sure there is stuff out there. If you know someone who has worked in this area, please point me to them.
  • Also made a few changes to the page on the Description of the Basilisk and corrected a few points in the popup glosses.

18 August 2004 (Macau)

21 July 2004 (Hainan)

  • Tone error rectified at Chapter 25 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

23 June 2004 (Hainan)

22 June 2004 (Hainan)

  • Added section on Harry Potter and the Ci Wa Wa, an unauthorized Harry Potter book published in China. Harry goes to China to meet his Oriental nemesis.

4 June 2004 (Hainan)

3 June 2004 (Hainan)

Thanks to prompt action by my host, Unicode and other encodings are now rendering correctly. Now I just have to wait for Google to notice and relist the relevant pages in the index!

2 June 2004 (Hainan)

  • Discovered that my web host no longer appears to support Unicode, Chinese, or Japanese encodings following migration to a new system in May. All pages containing Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese script have been reduced to gibberish (excepting, of course, those pages using graphics). Pages affected include index to Harry Potter (Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese), texts of songs and other passages in Harry Potter (Unicode), and 'How does Dumbledore speak in Japanese?' (Unicode). I am hoping that my web host can fix the problem; otherwise I will have to look for a new one. Am still waiting for a response from them.

25 March 2004 (Hainan)

19 March 2004 (Hainan)

  • Added some extra examples to the page on the way Dumbledore speaks in Japanese.

18 March 2004 (Hainan)

10 March 2004 (Hainan)

4 March 2004 (Hainan)

28 February 2004 (Hainan)

27 February 2004 (Hainan)

26 February 2004 (Hainan)

Finally, with a new computer (Mac iBook G4), I can begin updating the site again!

  • Added the text of the Sorting Hat's new song in Chinese and Vietnamese (Japanese has yet to appear). This is in Unicode.
  • Fixed up a couple of coding errors in the Harry Potter site map for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

9 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • Added some more characters to Names in Harry Potter (mainly in Staff).

8 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • Changed email address.
  • Added date for publication of Harry Potter 5 in Japanese, based on interview with Yuko Matsuoka in Japan Times (thanks to Roy Berman for this). The date is 1 September 2004. A long wait for Japanese fans, but Matsuoka puts quality above speed.

6 January 2004 (Hainan)

4 January 2004 (Hainan)

2 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • Added the last two chapters of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Vietnamese (see chapter titles, Vietnamese instalments).
  • Added missing graphics (Harry Potter: Names of Wizards).

25 December 2003 (Hainan)

23 December 2003 (Hainan)

  • Fixed up graphics in Harry Potter names, many of which had irregular size or positioning. Added 'Nymphadora Tonks'.


Oct, Nov, Dec 2003:

The main changes during these three months have been:

  • Harry Potter has been given a new entry page, modelled on the Chinese and Japanese site maps, allowing all pages in the project to be directly accessed from the entry page. This involved scrapping a number of intermediate pages. The move has not gone down well with Google, which doesn't like long pages.
  • Chinese (GB), Chinese (Big5), and Japanese site maps for Harry Potter have been given a long-overdue update to include new sections (mainly Book 5).
  • Following on from Chinese (Mainland) and Chinese (Taiwan), information from Vietnamese Harry Potter Book 5 has been incorporated (chapter titles, book names, Vietnamese instalments).
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