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30 December 2006 (Beijing)

25 December 2006 (Beijing)

20 December 2006 (Beijing)

20 November 2006 (Beijing)

  • Fixed a few errors at Me Help's Litany (mainly navigation).

15 November 2006 (Beijing)

29 September 2006 (Beijing)

  • Added romanisation and a few notes to the Hogwarts School Song.

27 September 2006 (Beijing)

26 September 2006 (Beijing)

25 September 2006 (Beijing)

19 September 2006 (Beijing)

18 September 2006 (Beijing)

  • Fixed up some faulty coding.
  • Split log of updates into three pages (Current year, 2005, 2004 + end of 2003).

14 September 2006 (Beijing)

13 September 2006 (Beijing)

  • Added romanisation to the Sphinx's Riddle.
  • Fixed up a mistake in the ad for the Firebolt.
  • Placed Adsense right above the page title in the Chapter Title sections.
  • I've found that most visitors merely skim the site -- very few delve deeper into the main content. I've only become aware of this since installing Google analytics, which allows me to see exactly how many visitors each page is attracting. My web host's stats have always been pretty useless for getting anything more than a very rough picture of overall visitor numbers and seem to wildly overstate the number of individual visitors. The Google stats reveal the real picture, one which I had suspected but could never confirm. The fact is, despite the voluminous content, most of the site is not sufficiently interesting or alluring to pique the interest of the vast majority of visitors. The solution appears to be to add more general-interest, essay-like articles, rather than the current emphasis on tables of translation equivalents.

12 September 2006 (Beijing)

11 September 2006 (Beijing)

8 September 2006 (Beijing)

7 September 2006 (Beijing)

  • Slight changes to index page (including the removal of images as links to Chinese and Japanese site maps).
  • Fixed up a few bad links.
  • Slight change to Names of Shops.

23 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • Added romanisation to Odo the Hero as well as a few notes and links.

16 August 2006 (Beijing)

15 August 2006 (Beijing)

14 August 2006 (Beijing)

9 August 2006 (Beijing)

8 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • Some changes to names of wizards (added Fenrir Greyback and some Japanese names).

7 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • I've fixed up a blooper whereby the Knight Bus was deleted.

4 August 2006 (Beijing)

3 August 2006 (Beijing)

2 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • Fixed up coding errors in a number of pages (mostly related to the <div> tag).
  • Completed partially finished pages on owls. Coverage now extends to Book 5.
  • Added Gryffindor version of 'Weasley is our King'.
  • Added Careers Advice notice to Passages.
  • A few changes to the navigation menu, mainly to accommodate smaller screen resolutions.

1 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • Well, I've implemented a new Milonic menu system. I hope I haven't been too rash :). The site sorely needs a navigation bar and the new one is definitely more attractive than the old. The switchover took less effort than I thought, at least at the outset. The initial ease of implementation was illusory, of course: there were lots of fiddly details to attend to later, not least the messy legacy code that had built up over the years. The main issue with the new navbar is that horizontal real estate on this site is at a premium, and the navbar takes up space on the left. However, in general I think it has worked out ok (fingers crossed).

31 July 2006 (Beijing)

  • Added A Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love.
  • Extensively updated the Chinese (Mainland), Chinese (Taiwan), and Japanese site maps. I've also terminated the system of frames, with 'Return' button in the top frame, that allowed CJV users to instantly click back to the site map in their own language. Instead, I've put direct links to the CJV site maps at the top right of every page. (I originally adopted frames because my CJV language text was all graphics; I wanted to offer the search engines text to spider. The 'no-frame' area did this although making the frames was a lot of extra work. I'd hoped that Unicode, which puts CJV text right there on the page, would allow me to do away with them, but no such luck! Google refused to index CJ text in Unicode pages, so the Chinese and Japanese site maps and the 'no-frame' areas were still the only content that was being indexed.)
  • I have also decided to abandon the Milonic follow-you-as-you-scroll navigation system. Despite its convenience, it tended to be distracting, especially with its hair-trigger reactions. Instead I have temporarily adopted a very simple navigation system which merely indicates the current location and offers the option of returning to a higher page in order to navigate the site. This change entailed a thorough spring cleaning of the site structure. The new system has the advantage of being uncluttered in appearance and simple to implement, especially when adding pages. However, it does not offer instant navigation to all parts of the site. This lack is not only an inconvenience but could also discourage visitors from exploring. I will consider ways of remedying this in future.
  • Many other changes in format and a lot of cleaning up and correction of errors have been made all around the site. This has been an exhausting update!

28 July 2006 (Beijing)

27 July 2006 (Beijing)

  • Headings in all pages reduced in size.
  • A few changes to chapter titles in Book 6, relating to Japanese.
  • Links to Harry Potter Lexicon added to each chapter title page.
  • Added some Japanese names of magical books. Also added pages on Advanced Potion-Making and Quintessence: A Quest.
  • Made quite a few changes to Footnotes (including converting graphics to Unicode).
  • Mailbox icon changed.

25 July 2006 (Hainan)

  • Converted graphics to Unicode in several more Word play pages.

24 July 2006 (Hainan)

  • Continued fixing problems and converting graphics to Unicode in Word play (especially 'Owls and Newts').

23 July 2006 (Hainan)

  • Largely finished adding Japanese chapter titles.
  • Fixed some formatting problems in Word play.

22 July 2006 (Hainan)

  • Continued adding Japanese to individual chapter titles in Book 6.

20 July 2006 (Beijing)

17 July 2006 (Queensland)

13 July 2006 (Queensland)

11 July 2006 (Queensland)

  • Completed conversion of chapter lists to Unicode.
  • Fixed up formatting problems.

10 July 2006 (Queensland)

  • Converted more chapter title lists to Unicode. Converted Book 4 Chapter 23 from graphics to Unicode. Tidied up chapter title pages (layout).

8 July 2006 (Queensland)

7 July 2006 (Queensland)

  • Completed work on Hogswarts staff. Converted Dursley names and Place names to Unicode. Replaced Back to Top button on all Names pages with arrow.

6 July 2006 (Queensland)

5 July 2006 (Queensland)

4 July 2006 (Queensland)

3 July 2006 (Queensland)

  • Continued converting wizard names to Unicode. Slightly rewrote Magical History.

1 July 2006 (Queensland)

28 June 2006 (Beijing)

  • Minor cleanup of some pages.

27 June 2006 (Beijing)

  • Did a quick and dirty rearrangement of the project to 'devolve' the massive index page to smaller entry pages for each part of the site (e.g. Chapter Titles Book 1, Names of Magical Books, etc.). Also changed the colour scheme so that each section uses a different colour. I expect there to be quite a few navigational problems not to mention aesthetic problems. This can't be fixed until late July, so I'm hoping that the problems aren't too major.

26 June 2006 (Beijing)

23 June 2006 (Beijing)

  • Finished updating Chapter Titles to Unicode instead of graphics.

20 June 2006 (Beijing)

10 June 2006 (Beijing)

8 June 2006 (Beijing)

  • Work on index page to remove link to Bulletin Board and clean up some formatting.

20 February (Macau)

15 February 2006 (Macau)

3 February 2006 (Macau)

2 February 2006 (Macau)

  • Added rubi to chapter titles in Books 3 and 4.

1 February 2006 (Macau)

  • Added rubi to chapter titles in Books 3 and 4, as well as converting a few graphics to Unicode. Unfortunately, rubi can only be read by IE. In Mozilla, Safari, etc., the rubi text appears in parentheses.

30 January 2006 (Macau)

  • Converted a few graphics in chapter titles for Book 4 to Unicode.

28 January 2006 (Macau)

  • Converted a few graphics in chapter titles for Book 4 to Unicode.

18 January 2006 (Macau)

  • Converted graphics in one or two chapter titles (Book 5) to Unicode.

5 January 2006 (Macau)

  • Converted CJV script in a few chapter titles from Book 5 to Unicode.

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